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^" x-^af'j isreWtfs?J. PUBLIC LAW 105-105—NOV. 20, 1997 111 STAT. 2235 "ARTICLE V "CO NDITIONS PRECEDENT TO LEGAL VIABILITY OF THE COMPACT "This Compact shall not be binding on any party until it has been enacted into law by the legislatures of the States of Alabama and Georgia and by the Congress of the United States of America. "ARTICLE VI "ACT BASIN COMMISSION CREATED "(a) There is hereby created an interstate administrative agency to be known as the ACT Basin Commission.' The Commission shall be comprised of one member representing the State of Alabama, one member representing the State of Georgia, and one non-voting member representing the United States of America. The State members shall be known as 'State Commissioners' and the Federal member shall be known as 'Federal Commissioner.' The ACT Basin Commission is a body politic and corporate, with succession for the duration of this Compact. "(b) The Governor of each of the States shall serve as the State Commissioner for his or her State. Each State Commissioner shall appoint one or more alternate members and one of such alternates as designated by the State Commissioner shall serve in the State Commissioner's place and carry out the functions of the State Commissioner, including voting on Commission matters, in the event the State Commissioner is unable to attend a meeting of the Commission. The alternate members from each State shall be knowledgeable in the field of water resources management. Unless otherwise provided by law of the State for which an alternate State Commissioner is appointed, each alternate State Commissioner shall serve at the pleasure of the State Commissioner. In the event of a vacancy in the office of an alternate, it shall be filled in the same manner as an original appointment. "(c) The President of the United States of America shall appoint President. the Federal Commissioner who shall serve as the representative of all Federal agencies with an interest in the ACT. The President shall also appoint an alternate Federal Commissioner to attend and participate in the meetings of the Commission in the event the Federal Commissioner is unable to attend meetings. When at meetings, the alternate Federal Commissioner shall possess all of the powers of the Federal Commissioner. The Federal Commissioner and alternate appointed by the President shall serve until they resign or their replacements are appointed. "(d) Each state shall have one vote on the ACT Basin Commission and the Commission shall make all decisions and exercise all powers by unanimous vote of the two State Commissioners. The Federal Commissioner shall not have a vote but shall attend and participate in all meetings of the ACT Basin Commission to the same extent as the State Commissioners. "(e) The ACT Basin Commission shall meet at least once a year at a date set at its initial meeting. Such initial meeting shall take place within ninety days of the ratification of the Compact by the Congress of the United States and shall be called by the chairman of the Commission. Special meetings of the Commission may be called at the discretion of the chairman of the Commission