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Ill STAT. 2286 PUBLIC LAW 105-114—NOV. 21, 1997 "(2) appropriate limits on the period for which such persons may reside in transitional housing. "(g) The Secretary may dispose of any property acquired for the purpose of this section. The proceeds of any such disposal shall be credited to the General Post Fund. "(h) Funds received by the Department under this section shall be deposited in the General Post Fund. The Secretary may distribute out of the fund such amounts as necessary for the acquisition, management, maintenance, and disposition of real property for the purpose of carrying out such program. The Secretary shall manage the operation of this section so as to ensure that expenditures under this subsection for any fiscal year shall not exceed by more than $500,000 proceeds credited to the General Post Fund under this section. The operation of the program and funds received shall be separately accounted for, and shall be stated in the documents accompsmying the President's budget for each fiscal year. "§ 1773. Additional services at certain locations "(a) Subject to the availability of appropriations, the Secretary shall operate a program under this section to expand and improve the provision of benefits and services by the Department to homeless veterans. "(b) The program shall include the establishment of not fewer than eight programs (in addition to any existing programs providing similar services) at sites under the jurisdiction of the Secretary to be centers for the provision of comprehensive services to homeless veterans. The services to be provided at each site shall include a comprehensive and coordinated array of those specialized services which may be provided under existing law. "(c) The program shall include the services of such employees of the Veterans Benefits Administration as the Secretary determines appropriate at sites under the jurisdiction of the Secretary at which services are provided to homeless veterans. Termination "(d) The program under this section shall terminate on Decemdate. ber 31, 2001. ^'§ 1774. Coordination with other agencies and organizations "(a) In assisting homeless veterans, the Secretary shall coordinate with, and may provide services authorized under this title in conjunction with. State and local governments, other appropriate departments and agencies of the Federal Government, and nongovernmental organizations. "(b)(1) The Secretary shall require the director of each medical center or the director of each regional benefits office to make an assessment of the needs of homeless veterems living within the area served by the medical center or regional office, as the case may be. "(2) Each such assessment shall be made in coordination with representatives of State and local governments, other appropriate departments and agencies of the Federal Government, and nongovernmental organizations that have experience working with homeless persons in that area. "(3) Each such assessment shall identify the needs of homeless veterans with respect to the following: "(A) Health care. "(B) Education sind training. "(C) Employment.