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PUBLIC LAW 105-118—NOV. 26, 1997 111 STAT. 2439 DEVELOPMENT CREDIT AUTHORITY SEC. 591. For the cost, as defined in section 502 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, of direct loans and loan guarantees in support of the development objectives of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, up to $7,500,000, which amount may be derived by transfer from funds appropriated by this Act to carry out part I of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and funds appropriated by this Act under the heading "Assistance for Eastern Europe and the Baltic States", to remain available until expended: Provided, That up to $500,000 of the funds appropriated by this Act under the heading "Operating Expenses of the Agency for International Development" may be made available for administrative expenses to carry out such programs: Provided further, That the provisions Applicability. of section 107A(d) (relating to general provisions applicable to development credit authority) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as added by section 306 of H.R. 1486 as reported by the House Committee on International Relations on May 9, 1997, shall be applicable to direct loans and loan guarantees provided under this paragraph: Provided further, That direct loans or losm guarantees under this paragraph may not be provided until the Director of the Office of Management and Budget has certified to the Committees on Appropriations that the Agency for International Development has established a credit management system capable of effectively managing the credit programs funded under this heading, including that such system: (1) can provide accurate and timely provision of loan and loan guarantee data; (2) contains information control systems for loan and loan guarantee data; (3) is adequately staffed; and (4) contains appropriate review and monitoring procedures. AUTHORIZATION FOR POPULATION PLANNING SEC. 592. (a) Not to exceed $385,000,000 of the funds appropriated in title II of this Act may be available for population planning activities or other population assistance. (b) Such funds may be apportioned only on a monthly basis, and such monthly apportionments may not exceed 8.34 percent of the total available for such activities. This Act may be cited as the "Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1998". Approved November 26, 1997. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 2159 (S. 955): HOUSE REPORTS: Nos. 105-176 (Comm. on Appropriations) and 105-401 (Comm. of Conference). SENATE REPORTS: No. 105-35 accompanying S. 955 (Comm. on Appropriations). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 143 (1997): July 30, Sept. 3, 4, considered and passed House. Sept. 5, considered and passed Senate, amended, in lieu of S. 955. Nov. 12, House agreed to conference report. Nov. 13, Senate agreed to conference report. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, Vol. 33 (1997): Nov. 26, Presidential statement.