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Ill STAT. 2140 PUBLIC LAW 105-92—NOV. 19, 1997 " OUTREACH TO PROMOTE RETIREMENT INCOME SAVINGS 29 USC 1146. "SEC. 516. (a) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall maintain an ongoing program of outreach to the public designed to effectively promote retirement income savings by the public. "(b) METHODS. —The Secretary shall carry out the requirements of subsection (a) by means which shall ensure effective communication to the public, including publication of public service announcements, public meetings, creation of educational materials, and establishment of a site on the Internet. "(c) INFORMATION TO BE MADE AVAILABLE.—The information to be made available by the Secretary as part of the program of outreach required under subsection (a) shall include the following: "(1) a description of the vehicles currently available to individuals and employers for creating and maintaining retirement income savings, specifically including information explaining to employers, in simple terms, the characteristics and operation of the different retirement savings vehicles, including the steps to establish each such vehicle; and "(2) information regarding matters relevant to establishing retirement income savings, such as— "(A) the forms of retirement income savings; "(B) the concept of compound interest; "(C) the importance of commencing savings early in life; "(D) savings principles; "(E) the importance of prudence and diversification in investing; "(F) the importance of the timing of investments; and "(G) the impact on retirement savings of life's uncertainties, such as living beyond one's life expectancy. "(d) ESTABLISHMENT OF SITE ON THE INTERNET.— The Secretary shall establish a permanent site on the Internet concerning retirement income savings. The site shall contain at least the following information: "(1) a means for individuals to calculate their estimated retirement savings needs, based on their retirement income goal as a percentage of their preretirement income; "(2) a description in simple terms of the common types of retirement income savings arrangements available to both individuals and employers (specifically including small employ- ers), including information on the amount of money that can be placed into a given vehicle, the tax treatment of the money, the amount of accumulation possible through different typical investment options and interest rate projections, and a directory of resources of more descriptive information; "(3) materials explaining to employers in simple terms, the characteristics and operation of the different retirement savings arrangements for their workers and what the basic legal requirements are under this Act and the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, including the steps to establish each such arrangement; "(4) copies of all educational materials developed by the Department of Labor, and by other Federal agencies in consultation with such Department, to promote retirement income savings by workers and employers; and