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Ill STAT. 2612 PUBLIC LAW 105-135—DEC. 2, 1997 "(2) the term 'small business concern owned and controlled by women', either startup or existing, includes any small business concern— "(A) that is not less than 51 percent owned by 1 or more women; and "(B) the management and daily business operations of which are controlled by 1 or more women; and "(3) the term 'women's business center site' means the location of— "(A) a women's business center; or "(B) 1 or more women's business centers, established in conjunction with another women's business center in another location within a State or region— "(i) that reach a distinct population that would otherwise not be served; "(ii) whose services are targeted to women; and "(iii) whose scope, function, and activities are similar to those of the primary women's business center or centers in conjunction with which it was established. "(b) AUTHORITY. —The Administration may provide financial assistance to private organizations to conduct 5-year projects for the benefit of small business concerns owned and controlled by women. The projects shall provide— "(1) financial assistance, including training and counseling in how to apply for and secure business credit and investment capital, preparing and presenting financial statements, and managing cash flow and other financial operations of a business concern; "(2) management assistance, including training and counseling in how to plan, organize, staff, direct, and control each major activity and function of a small business concern; and "(3) marketing assistance, including training and counseling in identifying and segmenting domestic and international market opportunities, preparing and executing marketing plans, developing pricing strategies, locating contract opportunities, negotiating contracts, and utilizing varying public relations and advertising techniques. " (c) CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION.— " (1) NON-FEDERAL CONTRIBUTIONS. —As a condition of receiving financial assistance authorized by this section, the recipient organization shall agree to obtain, after its application has been approved and notice of award has been issued, cash contributions from non-Federal sources as follows: "(A) in the first and second years, 1 non-Federal dollar for each 2 Federal dollars; "(B) in the third and fourth years, 1 non-Federal dollar for each Federal dollar; and "(C) in the fifth year, 2 non-Federal dollars for each Federal dollar. "(2) FORM OF NON-FEDERAL CONTRIBUTIONS. —Not more than one-half of the non-Federal sector matching assistance may be in the form of in-kind contributions that are budget line items only, including office equipment and office space. "(3) FORM OF FEDERAL CONTRIBUTIONS.— The financial assistance authorized pursuant to this section may be made by grant, contract, or cooperative agreement and may contain such provision, as necessary, to provide for payments in lump