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Ill STAT. 2638 PUBLIC LAW 105-135—DEC. 2, 1997 "(17) to make grants to, and enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with, educational institutions, private businesses, veterans' nonprofit community-based organizations, and Federal, State, and local departments and agencies for the establishment and implementation of outreach programs for disabled veterans (as defined in section 4211(3) of title 38, United States Code).". 15 USC 631 note. SEC. 709. OUTREACH FOR ELIGIBLE VETERANS. The Administrator, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans' Employment and Training, shall develop and implement a program of comprehensive outreach to assist eligible veterans, which progrsim shall include business training and management assistance, employment and relocation counseling, and dissemination of information on veterans' benefits and veterans' entitlements. Approved December 2, 1997. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S. 1139 (H.R. 2261): HOUSE REPORTS: No. 105-246 accompanying H.R. 2261 (Comm. on Small Business). SENATE REPORTS: No. 105-62 (Comm. on Small Business). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 143 (1997): Sept. 9, considered and passed Senate. Sept. 29, considered and passed House, amended, in lieu of H.R. 2261. Oct. 31, Senate concurred in House amendment with an amendment. Nov. 9, House concurred in Senate amendment.