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PUBLIC LAW 105-145—DEC. 15, 1997 111 STAT. 2669 Public Law 105-145 105th Congress Joint Resolution Granting the consent of Congress to the Chickasaw Trail Economic Development Dec. 15, 1997 Compact. [H.J. Res. 95] Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, The Congress Tennessee, consents to the Chickasaw Trail Economic Development Compact Mississippi. entered into by the State of Tennessee and the State of Mississippi, The compact is substantially as follows: " CfflCKASAW TRAIL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMPACT "Article I. The purpose of this compact is to promote the development of an undeveloped rural area of Marshall County, Mississippi, and Fayette County, Tennessee (hereinafter referred to as 'Chickasaw Trail Economic Development Area'), and to create a development authority which incorporates public and private partnerships to facilitate the economic growth of such areas by providing developed sites for the location and construction of manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, research facilities, regional and national offices with supportive services, and facilities, and to establish a joint interstate authority to assist in these efforts. "Article II. This compact shall become effective immediately whenever the states of Tennessee and Mississippi have ratified it and Congress has given consent thereto. "Article III. The states which are parties to this compact (hereinafter referred to as 'party states') do hereby establish and create a joint agency which shall be known as the Chickasaw Trail Economic Development Authority (hereinafter referred to as the 'Authority'). The membership of the Authority shall consist of an appointee of the Governor of each party state, each state's chief economic development official or his/her representative, appointee of each of the member counties board of supervisors/ county legislative body, selected from nominees from the county's industrial development board, and an appointee of the property owners' group. The appointive members of the authority shall serve for terms of four (4) years. Vacancies on the Authority shall be filled by appointment by the Governor or the appropriate appointing authority for the unexpired part of the term. The members of the Authority shall serve without compensation or reimbursement of expenses. The members of the Authority shall hold regular quarterly meetings and such special meetings as its business may require. They shall choose annually a chairman and vice-chairman from among their members, and the chairmanship shall rotate each year between the party states. The secretary of the Authority