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PUBLIC LAW 105-220—AUG. 7, 1998 112 STAT. 1033 (i) STUDY. —The Secretary shall conduct a 2-year study concerning improvements in the formulas described in section 132(b)(1)(B) and paragraphs (2)(A) and (3) of section 133(b) (regarding distributing funds under subtitle B to States and local areas for adult employment and training activities). In conducting the study, the Secretary shall examine means of improving the formulas by— (I) developing formulas based on statistically reliable data; (II) developing formulas that are consistent with the goals and objectives of this title; and (III) developing formulas based on organizational and financial stability of State boards and local boards. (ii) REPORT. —The Secretary shall prepare and submit to Congress a report containing the results of the study, including recommendations for improved formulas. (3) MULTISTATE PROJECTS.— (A) IN GENERAL.— (i) AUTHORITY. —Under a plan published under subsection (a), the Secretary may, through grants or contracts, carry out multistate projects that require demonstrated expertise that is available at the national level to effectively disseminate best practices and models for implementing employment and training services, address the specialized employment and training needs of particular service populations, or address industry-wide skill shortages. (ii) DESIGN OF GRANTS.—Grants or contracts awarded under this subsection shall be designed to obtain information relating to the provision of services under different economic conditions or to various demographic groups in order to provide guidance at the national and State levels about how best to administer specific employment and training services. (4) LIMITATIONS.— (A) COMPETITIVE AWARDS. —Grants or contracts awarded for carrying out projects under this subsection in amounts that exceed $100,000 shall be awarded only on a competitive basis, except that a noncompetitive award may be made in the case of a project that is funded jointly with other public or private sector entities that provide a substantial portion of assistance under the grant or contract for the project. (B) TIME LIMITS. — A grant or contract shall not be awarded under this subsection to the same organization for more than 3 consecutive years unless such grant or contract is competitively reevaluated within such period. (C) PEER REVIEW.— (i) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall utilize a peer review process— (I) to review and evaluate all applications for grants in amounts that exceed $500,000 that are submitted under this section; and