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112 STAT. 1066 PUBLIC LAW 105-220—AUG. 7, 1998 levels of performance agreed to under clause (iii) or (v) be revised. The Secretary, after collaboration with the representatives described in section 136(j), shall issue objective criteria and methods for making such revisions. (B) LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE FOR ADDITIONAL INDICA- TORS.—The eligible agency may identify, in the State plan, eligible agency levels of performance for each of the additional indicators described in paragraph (2)(B). Such levels shall be considered to be eligible agency adjusted levels of performance for purposes of this subtitle. (c) REPORT.— (1) IN GENERAL.— Each eligible agency that receives a grant under section 211(b) shall annually prepare and submit to the Secretary a report on the progress of the eligible agency in achieving eligible agency perform£ince measures, including information on the levels of performance achieved by the eligible agency with respect to the core indicators of performance. (2) INFORMATION DISSEMINATION.—The Secretary— Publication. (A) shall make the information contained in such reports available to the general public through publication and other appropriate methods; (B) shall disseminate State-by-State comparisons of the information; and (C) shall provide the appropriate committees of Congress with copies of such reports. CHAPTER 2—STATE PROVISIONS 20 USC 9221. SEC. 221. STATE ADMINISTRATION. Each eligible agency shall be responsible for the State or outlying area administration of activities under this subtitle, including— (1) the development, submission, and implementation of the State plan; (2) consultation with other appropriate agencies, groups, and individuals that are involved in, or interested in, the development and implementation of activities assisted under this subtitle; and (3) coordination and nonduplication with other Federal and State education, training, corrections, public housing, and social service programs. 20 USC 9222. SEC. 222. STATE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS; MATCHING REQUIREMENT. (a) STATE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS. —Each eligible agency receiving a grant under this subtitle for a fiscal year— (1) shall use not less than 82.5 percent of the grant funds to award grants and contracts under section 231 and to carry out section 225, of which not more than 10 percent of the 82.5 percent shall be available to carry out section 225; (2) shall use not more than 12.5 percent of the grant funds to carry out State leadership activities under section 223; and (3) shall use not more than 5 percent of the grant funds, or $65,000, whichever is greater, for the administrative expenses of the eligible agency. (b) MATCHING REQUIREMENT. —