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112 STAT. 1130 PUBLIC LAW 105-220—AUG. 7, 1998 "(B) REPLICATION OF COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS.— The State plan shall provide for the replication of such cooperative agreements at the local level between individual offices of the designated State unit and local entities carrying out activities through the statewide workforce investment system. " (C) INTERAGENCY COOPERATION WITH OTHER AGEN- CIES.— The State plan shall include descriptions of interagency cooperation with, and utilization of the services and facilities of, Federal, State, and local agencies and programs, including programs carried out by the Under Secretary for Rural Development of the Department of Agriculture and State use contracting programs, to the extent that such agencies and programs are not carrying out activities through the statewide workforce investment system. " (D) COORDINATION WITH EDUCATION OFFICIALS. — The State plan shall contain plans, policies, and procedures for coordination between the designated State agency and education officials responsible for the public education of students with disabilities, that are designed to facilitate the transition of the students with disabilities from the receipt of educational services in school to the receipt of vocational rehabilitation services under this title, including information on a formal interagency agreement with the State educational agency that, at a minimum, provides for— "(i) consultation and technical assistance to assist educational agencies in plsmning for the transition of students with disabilities from school to post-school activities, including vocational rehabilitation services; "(ii) transition planning by personnel of the designated State agency and educational agency personnel for students with disabilities that facilitates the development and completion of their individualized education programs under section 614(d) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (as added by section 101 of Public Law 105-17); "(iii) the roles and responsibilities, including financial responsibilities, of each agency, including provisions for determining State lead agencies and qualified personnel responsible for transition services; and "(iv) procedures for outreach to and identification of students with disabilities who need the transition services. "(E) COORDINATION WITH STATEWIDE INDEPENDENT LIV- ING COUNCILS AND INDEPENDENT LIVING CENTERS. —The State plan shall include an assurance that the designated State unit, the Statewide Independent Living Council established under section 705, and the independent living centers described in part C of title VII within the State have developed working relationships and coordinate their activities. "(F) COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT WITH RECIPIENTS OF GRANTS FOR SERVICES TO AMERICAN INDIANS.— In applicable cases, the State plan shall include an assurance that the State has entered into a formal cooperative agreement