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PUBLIC LAW 105-220—AUG. 7, 1998 112 STAT. 1181 "(B) develop model procedures for testing and evaluating the employment needs of individuals with disabilities; "(C) develop model training programs to teach individuals with disabilities skills which will lead to appropriate employ- ment; "(D) develop new approaches for job placement of individuals with disabilities, including new followup procedures relating to such placement; "(E) provide information services regarding education, training, employment, and job placement for individuals with disabilities; and "(F) develop new approaches and provide information regarding job accommodations, including the use of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology. "(14) Research grants may be used to conduct a rehabilitation research program under which financial assistance is provided in order to— "(A) test new concepts and innovative ideas; "(B) demonstrate research results of high potential benefits; "(C) purchase prototype aids and devices for evaluation; "(D) develop unique rehabilitation training curricula; and "(E) be responsive to special initiatives of the Director. No single grant under this paragraph may exceed $50,000 in any fiscal year and all payments made under this paragraph in any fiscal year may not exceed 5 percent of the amount available for this section to the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research in any fiscal year. Regulations and administrative procedures with respect to financial assistance under this paragraph shall, to the maximum extent possible, be expedited. "(15) Research grants may be used to conduct studies of the rehabilitation needs of American Indian populations and of effective mechanisms for the delivery of rehabilitation services to Indians residing on and off reservations. "(16) Research grants may be used to conduct a demonstration program under which one or more projects national in scope shall be established to develop procedures to provide incentives for the development, manufacturing, and marketing of orphan technological devices, including technology transfer concerning such devices, designed to enable individuals with disabilities to achieve independence and access to gainful employment. "(17)(A) Research grants may be used to conduct a research program related to quality assurance in the area of rehabilitation technology. "(B) Activities carried out under the research program may include— "(i) the development of methodologies to evaluate rehabilitation technology products and services and the dissemination of the methodologies to consumers and other interested parties; "(ii) identification of models for service provider training and evaluation and certification of the effectiveness of the models; "(iii) identification and dissemination of outcome measurement models for the assessment of rehabilitation technology products and services; and