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PUBLIC LAW 105-220—AUG. 7, 1998 112 STAT. 1239 services. Amounts provided by the Federal Crovernment, or services assisted or subsidized to any significant extent by the Federal Government, may not be included in determining the amount of such non-Federal contributions. "(g) CERTAIN EXPENDITURES OF GRANTS.—A State may expend a grant under subsection (a) to carry out the purposes specified in subsection (d) through grants to public and nonprofit private agencies or organizations. "(h) REQUIREMENT REGARDING STATE PLAN.— The Commissioner may not make a grant under subsection (a) unless the State involved agrees that, in carrying out subsection (d)(1), the State will seek to incorporate into the State plan under section 704 any new methods and approaches relating to independent living services for older individuals who are blind, "(i) APPLICATION FOR GRANT.— "(1) IN GENERAL. — The Commissioner may not make a grant under subsection (a) unless an application for the grant is submitted to the Commissioner and the application is in such form, is made in such manner, and contains such agreements, assurances, and information as the Commissioner determines to be necessary to carry out this section (including agreements, assurances, and iiiformation with respect to any grants under subsectio'tt,(j X4J). "(2) CoNTENvTS. —An application for a grant under this section shall contaifi—^-'. "(A) an assurance that the agency described in subsection (a)(2) will prepare and submit to the Commissioner a report, at the end of each fiscal year, with respect to each project or program the agency operates or administers under this section, whether directly or through a grant or contract, which report shall contain, at a minimum, information oij— "(i) the number and types of older individuals who are blind and are receiving services; "(ii) the types of services provided and the number of older individuals who are blind and are receiving each type of service; "(iii) the sources and amounts of funding for the operation of each project or program; "(iv) the amounts and percentages of resources committed to each type of service provided; "(v) data on actions taken to employ, and advance in employment, qualified individuals with significant disabilities, including older individuals who are blind; and "(vi) a comparison, if appropriate, of prior year activities with the activities of the most recent year; "(B) an assurance that the agency will— "(i) provide services that contribute to the medntenance of, or the increased independence of, older individuals who are blind; and " (ii) engage in— "(I) capacity-building activities, including collaboration with other agencies and organizations; "(II) activities to promote community awareness, involvement, and assistance; and