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PUBLIC LAW 105-244 —OCT. 7, 1998 112 STAT. 1817 General at such time and in such manner as the Attorney General shall prescribe. (2) CONTENTS. —Each application submitted under paragraph (1) shall— (A) describe the need for grant funds and the plan for implementation for any of the purposes described in subsection (b); (B) describe how the campus authorities shall consult and coordinate with nonprofit and other victim services programs, including sexual assault and domestic violence victim services programs; (C) describe the characteristics of the population being served, including type of campus, demographics of the population, and number of students; (D) provide measurable goals and expected results from the use of the grant funds; (E) provide assurances that the Federal funds made available under this section shall be used to supplement and, to the extent practical, increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of Federal funds, be made available by the institution for the purposes described in subsection (b); and (F) include such other information and assurances as the Attorney General reasonably determines to be necessary. (3) COMPLIANCE WITH CAMPUS CRIME REPORTING REQUIRED. — No institution of higher education shall be eligible for a grant under this section unless such institution is in compliance with the requirements of section 485(f) of the Higher Education Act of 1965. (d) GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.— (1) NONMONETARY ASSISTANCE.—In addition to the assistance provided under this section, the Attorney General may request any Federal agency to use the agency's authorities and the resources granted to the agency under Federal law (including personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, and managerial, technical, and advisory services) in support of campus security, and investigation and victim service efforts. (2) GRANTEE REPORTING.— (A) ANNUAL REPORT.—Each institution of higher education receiving a grant under this section shall submit an annual performance report to the Attorney General. The Attorney General shall suspend funding under this section for an institution of higher education if the institution fails to submit an annual performance report, (B) FINAL REPORT.— Upon completion of the grant period under this section, the institution shall file a performance report with the Attorney General and the Secretary of Education explaining the activities carried out under this section together with an assessment of the effectiveness of those activities in achieving the purposes described in subsection (b). (3) REPORT TO CONGRESS.—Not later than 180 days after Deadline, the end of the fiscal year for which grants are awarded under this section, the Attorney General shall submit to the committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate responsible