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PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 112 STAT. 2055 Law 104-201; 110 Stat. 2585) is amended by adding at the end the following new paragraphs: "(3) If there is no surviving spouse or surviving child, to the parents of the decedent, in equal shares, or, if one parent of the decedent has died, to the surviving parent. "(4) If there is no surviving spouse, surviving child, or surviving parent, to the surviving siblings by blood of the decedent, in equal shares.". (b) PERMITTED RECIPIENTS OF PAYMENT DISBURSEMENT.— Subsection (f)(1) of such section is amended by striking out "The actual disbursement" and inserting in lieu thereof "Notwithstanding any agreement (including a power of attorney) to the contrary, the actual disbursement". TITLE VII—HEALTH CARE PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Health Care Services Sec. 701. Dependents' dental program. Sec. 702. Expansion of dependent eligibility under retiree dental program. Sec. 703. Plan for redesign of military pharmacy system. Sec. 704. Transitional authority to provide continued health care coverage for certain persons unaware of loss of CHAMPUS eligibility. Subtitle B—TRICARE Program Sec. 711. Payment of claims for provision of health care under the TRICARE program for which a third party may be liable. Sec. 712. TRICARE Prime automatic enrollments and retiree payment options. Sec. 713. System for tracking data and measuring performance in meeting TRICARE access standards. Sec. 714. Establishment of appeals process for claimcheck denials. Sec. 715. Reviews relating to accessibility of health care under TRICARE. Subtitle C—Health Care Services for Medicare>Eligible Department of Defense Beneficiaries Sec. 721. Demonstration project to include certain covered beneficiaries within Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Sec. 722. TRICARE as Supplement to Medicare demonstration. Sec. 723. Implementation of redesign of pharmacy system. Sec. 724. Comprehensive evaluation of implementation of demonstration projects and TRICARE pharmacy redesign. Subtitle D—Other Changes to Existing Laws Regarding Health Care Management Sec. 731. Process for waiving informed consent requirement for administration of certain drugs to members of Armed Forces for purposes of a particular military operation. Sec. 732. Health benefits for abused dependents of members of the Airaed Forces. Sec. 733. Provision of health care at military entrance processing stations and elsewhere outside medical treatment facilities. Sec. 734. Professional qualifications of physicians providing military health care. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 741. Enhanced Department of Defense Organ and Tissue Donor program. Sec. 742. Authorization to establish a Level 1 Trauma Training Center. Sec. 743. Authority to establish center for study of post-deployment health concerns of members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 744. Report on implementation of enrollment-based capitation for funding for military medical treatment facilities. Sec. 745. Joint Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs reports relating to interdepartmental cooperation in the delivery of medical care. Sec. 746. Report on research and surveillance activities regarding lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. 5e-1940-d8 -8: QL3 Pans