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PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 112 STAT. 1923 Sec. 323. Removal of underground storage tanks. Sec. 324. Report regarding polychlorinated biphenyl waste under Department of Defense control overseas. Sec. 325. Modification of deadline for submittal to Congress of annual reports on environmental activities. Sec. 326. Submarine solid waste control. Sec. 327. Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation Program. Sec. 328. Sense of Congress regarding oil spill prevention training for personnel on board Navy vessels. Subtitle D—Information Teclinology Issues Sec. 331. Additional information technology responsibilities of Chief Information Officers. Sec. 332. Defense-wide electronic mall system for supply purchases. Sec. 333. Priority funding to ensure year 2000 compliance of information technology and national security systems. Sec. 334. Evaluation of year 2000 compliance as part of training exercises programs. Sec. 335. Continuity of essential operations at risk of failure because of information technology and national security systems that are not year 2000 compliant. Subtitle E—Defense Infrastructure Support Improvement Sec. 341. Clarification of definition of depot-level maintenance and repair. Sec. 342. Reporting and analysis requirements before change of commercial and industrial t3rpe functions to private sector performance. Sec. 343. Notifications of determinations of military items as being commercial items for purposes of the exception to requirements regarding core logistics capabilities. Sec. 344. Oversight of development and implementation of automated identification technology. Sec. 345. Contractor-operated civil engineering supply stores program. Sec. 346. Conditions on expansion of functions performea under prime vendor contracts for depot-level maintenance and repair. Sec. 347. Best commercial inventory practices for management of secondary supply items. Sec. 348. Personnel reductions in Army Materiel Command. Sec. 349. Inventory management of in-transit items. Sec. 350. Review of Defense Automated Printing Service functions. Sec. 351. Development of plan for establishment of core logistics capabilities for maintenance and repair of C-17 aircraft. Subtitle F—Commissaries and Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Sec. 361. Continuation of management and funding of Defense Commissary Agency through the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 362. Expansion of current eligibility of Reserves for commissary benefits. Sec. 363. Costs payable to the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies for services provided to the Defense Commissary Agency. Sec. 364. Collection of dishonored checks presented at commissary stores. Sec. 365. Restrictions on patron access to, and purchases in, overseas commissaries and exchange stores. Sec. 366. Repeal of requirement for Air Force to sell tobacco products to enlisted personnel. Sec. 367. Prohibition on consolidation or other organizational changes of Department of Defense retail systems. Sec. 368. Defense Commissary Agency telecommunications. Sec. 369. Survey of commissary store patrons regarding satisfaction with commissary store merchandise. Subtitle G—Other Matters Sec. 371. Eligibility requirements for attendance at Department of Defense domestic dependent elementary and secondary schools. Sec. 372. Assistance to local educational agencies that benefit dependents of members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilian employees. Sec. 373. Department of Defense readiness reporting system. Sec. 374. Specific emphasis of program to investigate fraud, waste, and abuse within Department of Defense. Sec. 375. Condition for providing financial assistance for support of additional duties assigned to the Army National Guard. Sec. 376. Demonstration program to improve quality of personal property shipments of members. Sec. 377. Pilot program for acceptance and use of landing fees charged for use of domestic military airfields by civil aircraft.