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PUBLIC LAW 105-277—OCT. 21, 1998 112 STAT. 2681-706 (5) For each such fiscal year for operation and maintenance support for up to 10 United States Customs Service Citations Aircraft to be dedicated for the source and transit zone. (6) For purchase of non-intrusive; inspection systems consistent with the United States Customs Service 5-year technology plan, including truck x-rays and gamma-imaging for drug interdiction purposes at high-threat seaports and land border ports of entry. (d) DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE REPORT. —Not later than January 31, 1999, the Secretary of Defense, in consultsition with the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, shall submit to Congress a report examining and proposing recomimendations regarding any organizational changes to optimize counterdrug activities, including alternative cost-sharing arrangements regarding the following facilities: (1) The Joint Inter-Agency Task Force, East, Key West, Florida. (2) The Joint Inter-Agency Task Force, West, Alameda, California. (3) The Joint Inter-Agency Task Force, South, Panama City, Panama. (4) The Joint Task Force 6, El Paso, Texas. SEC. 852. FUNDE^G FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TO FACILITATE DIRECT COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. (a) AUTHORIZATION.— Funds are authorized to be appropriated for the development and purchase of computer software and hardware to facilitate direct commimication between agencies that perform work relating to the interdiction of drugs at United States borders, including the United States Customs Service, the Border Patrol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in the total amount of $50,000,000. (b) AVAILABILITY.— Funds authorized pursuant to the authorization of appropriations in subsection (a) shall remain available until expended. SEC. 853. SENSE OF CONGRESS REGARDING PRIORITY OF DRUG INTER- DICTION AND COUNTERDRUG ACTIVITIES. It is the sense of Congress that the Secretary of Defense should revise the Global Military Force Policy of the Department of Defense in order— (1) to treat the international drug interdiction and counterdrug activities of the Department as a military operation other than war, thereby elevating the priority given such activities under the Policy to the next priority below the priority given to war under the Policy and to the same priority as is given to peacekeeping operations under the Policy; and (2) to allocate the assets of the Depan[;ment to drug interdiction and counter-drug activities in accordance with the priority given those activities. Subtitle F—Relationship to Other Laws SEC. 861. AUTHORIZATIONS OF APPROPRIATIONS. The funds authorized to be appropriated for any department or agency of the Federal Government for fiscal years 1999, 2000,