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112 STAT. 2860 PUBLIC LAW 105-304^OCT. 28, 1998 Public Law 105-304 105th Congress An Act _. „ iQQS '^^ amend title 17, United States Code, to implement the World Intellectual Property —_— ' Organization Copyright Treaty and Performances and Phonograms Treaty, and [H.R. 2281] for other purposes. 17 USC 101 note. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of United States of America in Congress assembled, nON 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act". SEC. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Sec. 1. Short title. Sec. 2. Table of contents. TITLE I—WIPO TREATIES IMPLEMENTATION Sec, 101, Short title. Sec, 102. Technical amendments. Sec, 103, Copyright protection systems and copyright management information. Sec, 104. Evaluation of impact of copyright law and amendments on electronic commerce and technological development. Sec. 105. Effective date. TITLE II—ONLINE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LIABILITY LIMITATION Sec. 201. Short title. Sec. 202. Limitations on liability for copyright infringement. Sec. 203. Effective date. TITLE III—COMPUTER MAINTENANCE OR REPAIR COPYRIGHT EXEMPTION Sec. 301. Short title. Sec. 302. Limitations on exclusive rights; computer programs. TITLE IV—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 401. Provisions Relating to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks and the Register of Copyrights. Sec. 402. Ephemeral recordings. Sec. 403. Limitations on exclusive rights; distance education. Sec. 404. Exemption for libraries and archives. Sec. 405. Scope of exclusive rights in sound recordings; ephemeral recordings. Sec. 406. Assumption of contractual obligations related to transfers of rights in motion pictures. Sec. 407. Effective date. TITLE V—PROTECTION OF CERTAIN ORIGINAL DESIGNS Sec. 501. Short title. Sec. 502. Protection of certain original designs. Sec. 503. Conforming amendments. Sec. 504. Joint study of the effect of this title. Sec. 505. Effective date.