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112 STAT. 3802 PROCLAMATION 7125—SEPT. 18, 1998 tion 604 of the Trade Act, and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, do proclaim that: (1) Subchapter VI of chapter 99 of the HTS is modified as provided in the Annex to this proclamation. (2) Any provisions of previous proclamations and Executive orders that are inconsistent with the actions taken in this proclamation are superseded to the extent of such inconsistency. (3)(a) The modifications to the HTS made by this proclamation shall be effective with respect to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the fifteenth day after the signing of this proclamation. (b) At the close of the effective period specified therefor in the Annex, HTS subheadings 9906.98.02 and 9906.98.03 shall cease to apply to imported articles, except that goods described in such subheadings that were shipped and in transit on a through bill of lading on such specified date shall be eligible for the tariff treatment specified therein as if entered on the last day of such effective period. At the close of the day that is one year from the close of the effective period specified in such HTS subheadings, U.S. note 28 to subchapter VI of chapter 99, such subheadings and their immediately superior text beginning with the word "Apparel" shall all be deleted from the HTS. (c) The United States Trade Representative is authorized, after obtaining advice from the appropriate advisory committees established under section 135 of the Trade Act (19 U.S.C. 2155), to extend the ef- fective period of the new tariff provisions for one additional year, upon publication in the Federal Register of a notice modifying the new HTS subheadings accordingly. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereimto set my hand this eighteenth day of September, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-third. WILLIAM J. CLINTON Annex Effective with respect to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or c^er the fifteenth day after the President signs this Proclamation, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States ("HTS") is modified by inserting in numerical sequence in subchapter VI of chapter 99 the following new U.S. note, tariff subheadings and superior text, with language inserted in colujnns of the HTS headed "Heading/Subheading", "Article Description", "Rates of Duty 1-Special", and "Effective Period", and with the new superior text inserted at the same level of indentation as the article description in subheading 9906.73.02: (U.S. Note:] "28. For purposes of subheadings 9906.98.02 and 9906.98.03, the term "interlining fabrics" refers to the following: (a) A chest plate, "hymo" piece or "sleeve header" of woven or weftinserted warp knit construction, the foregoing of coarse animal hair or \ man-made filaments, of a type used in the manufacture of men's, boys', women's or girls' tailored suit jackets and suit-type jackets: