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PUBLIC LAW 105-332—OCT. 31, 1998 112 STAT. 3089 participants when the participants entered the program and the services or instruction to be provided; and "(II) the extent to which such levels of performance promote continuous improvement on the indicators of performance by such State, "(vii) REVISIONS.—I f unanticipated circumstances arise in a State resulting in a significant change in the factors described in clause (vi)(II), the eligible agency may request that the State adjusted levels of performance agreed to under clause (iii) or (vi) be revised. The Secretary shall issue objective criteria and methods for making such revisions. " (B) LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE FOR ADDITIONAL INDICA- TORS. —Each eligible agency shall identify in the State plan, State levels of performance for each of the additional indicators of performance described in paragraph (2)(B). Such levels shall be considered to be the State levels of performance for purposes of this title. "(c) REPORT.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— Each eligible agency that receives an allotment under section 111 shall annually prepare and submit to the Secretary a report regarding— "(A) the progress of the State in achieving the State adjusted levels of performance on the core indicators of performance; and "(B) information on the levels of performance achieved by the State with respect to the additional indicators of performance, including the levels of performance for special populations. "(2) SPECIAL POPULATIONS.— The report submitted by the eligible agency in accordance with paragraph (1) shall include a quantifiable description of the progress special populations participating in vocational and technical education programs have made in meeting the State adjusted levels of performance established by the eligible agency. "(3) INFORMATION DISSEMINATION.—The Secretary— "(A) shall make the information contained in such reports available to the general public; "(B) shall disseminate State-by-State comparisons of the information; and "(C) shall provide the appropriate committees of Congress copies of such reports. "SEC. 114. NATIONAL ACTIVITIES. 20 USC 2324. "(a) PROGRAM PERFORMANCE INFORMATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall collect performance information about, and report on, the condition of vocational and technical education and on the effectiveness of State and local programs, services, and activities carried out under this title in order to provide the Secretary and Congress, as well as Federal, State, local, and tribal agencies, with information relevant to improvement in the quality and effectiveness of vocational and technical education. The Secretary annually Reports, shall report to Congress on the Secretary's aggregate analysis of performance information collected each year pursuant to