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112 STAT. 2808 PUBLIC LAW 105-292—OCT. 27, 1998 (d) EXCEPTIONS. — Any action taken pursuant to subsection (a) or (b) may not prohibit or restrict the provision of medicine, medical equipment or supplies, food, or other humanitarian assistance. 22 USC 6446. SEC. 406. EFFECTS ON EXISTING CONTRACTS. The President shall not be required to apply or maintain any Presidential action under this subtitle— (1) in the case of procurement of defense articles or defense services— (A) under existing contracts or subcontracts, including the exercise of options for production quantities, to satisfy requirements essential to the national security of the United States; { (B) if the President determines in writing and so reports to Congress that the person or other entity to which the Presidential action would otherwise be applied is a sole source supplier of the defense articles or services, that the defense articles or services are essential, and that alternative sources are not readily or reasonably available; or (G) if the President determines in writing and so reports to Congress that such articles or services are essential to the national security under defense coproduction agreements; or (2) to products or services provided under contracts entered into before the date on which the President publishes his intention to take the Presidential action. 22 USC 6447. SEC. 407. PRESIDENTIAL WAIVER. (a) IN GENERAL. —Subject to subsection (b), the President may waive the application of any of the actions described in paragraphs (9) through (15) of section 405(a) (or commensurate action in substitution thereto) with respect to a country, if the President determines and so reports to the appropriate congressional committees that— (1) the respective foreign government has ceased the violations giving rise to the Presidential action; (2) the exercise of such waiver authority would further the purposes of this Act; or (3) the important national interest of the United States requires the exercise of such waiver authority. (b) CONGRESSIONAL NOTIFICATION.— Not later than the date of the exercise of a waiver under subsection (a), the President shall notify the appropriate congressional committees of the waiver or the intention to exercise the waiver, together with a detailed justification thereof. 22 USC 6448. SEC. 408. PUBLICATION IN FEDERAL REGISTER. (a) IN GENERAL. —Subject to subsection (b), the President shall cause to be published in the Federal Register the following: (1) DETERMINATIONS OF GOVERNMENTS, OFFICIALS, AND ENTITIES OF PARTICULAR CONCERN.— Any designation of a country of particular concern for religious freedom under section 402(b)(1), together with, when applicable and to the extent practicable, the identities of the officials or entities determined to be responsible for the violations under section 402(b)(2). (2) PRESIDENTIAL ACTIONS.—^A description of any Presidential action under paragraphs (9) through (15) of section