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PUBLIC LAW 105-294—OCT. 27, 1998 112 STAT. 2819 "(C) presenting draft legislation to Congress for implementation of the recommendations requiring legislative changes; "(D) initiating discussions with the State of California and its agencies to identify specific areas where State actions or tribal-State cooperation can complement actions by the Federal Government to implement specific recommendations; "(E) providing timely information to and consulting with California Indian tribes on discussions between the Council and Federal and State agencies regarding implementation of the recommendations; and "(F) providing annual progress reports to the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Resources of the House of Representatives on the status of the implementation of the recommendations.". (b) TERMINATION. — The first sentence of section 8 of the Advisory Council on California Indian Policy Act of 1992 (106 Stat. 2136) is amended to read as follows: "The Council shall cease 25 USC 651 note. to exist on March 31, 2000.". Approved October 27, 1998. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 3069: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 105-571 (Comm. on Resources). SENATE REPORTS: No. 105-342 (Comm. on Indian Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 144 (1998): June 16, considered and passed House. Oct. 9, considered and passed Senate.