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PUBLIC LAW 105-391—NOV. 13, 1998 112 STAT. 3497 Public Law 105-391 105th Congress An Act To provide for improved management and increased accountability for certain Na- Nov. 13, 1998 tional Park Service programs, and for other purposes. [s~~1693l Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, National Parks SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS. M^^igement Act (a) SHORT TITLE.— This Act may be cited as the "National 5^^5901 Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998". note (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS. — The table of contents of this Act is as follows: Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents. Sec. 2. Definition. TITLE I—NATIONAL PARK SERVICE CAREER DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING, AND MANAGEMENT Sec. 101. Protection, interpretation, and research in the National Park System. Sec. 102. National Park Service employee training. Sec. 103. Management development and training. Sec. 104. Park budgets and accountability. TITLE II—NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM RESOURCE INVENTORY AND MANAGEMENT Sec. 201. Purposes. Sec. 202. Research mandate. Sec. 203. Cooperative agreements. Sec. 204. Inventory and monitoring program. Sec. 205. Availability for scientific study. Sec. 206. Integration of study results into management decisions. Sec. 207. Confidentiality of information. TITLE m—STUDY REGARDING ADDITION OF NEW NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM AREAS Sec. 301. Short title. Sec. 302. Purpose. Sec. 303. Study of addition of new National Park System areas. TITLE IV—NATIONAL PARK SERVICE CONCESSIONS MANAGEMENT Sec. 401. Short title. Sec. 402. Congressional findings and statement of policy. Sec. 403. Award of concessions contracts. Sec. 404. Term of concessions contracts. Sec. 405. Protection of concessioner investment. Sec. 406. Reasonableness of rates. Sec. 407. Franchise fees. Sec. 408. Transfer of concessions contracts. Sec. 409. National Park Service Concessions Management Advisory Board. Sec. 410. Contracting for services. Sec. 411. Multiple contracts within a park. Sec. 412. Special rule for transportation contracting services.