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PUBLIC LAW 105-392—NOV. 13, 1998 112 STAT. 3527 "(C) CONSORTIUM.— The condition specified in this subparagraph is that, in accordance with subsection (e)(1), the designated health profession school involved has with other health profession schools (designated or otherwise) formed a consortium to carry out the purposes described in subsection (b) at the schools of the consortium. " (D) APPLICATION OF CRITERIA TO OTHER PROGRAMS. — In the case of any criteria established by the Secretary for purposes of determining whether schools meet the conditions described in subparagraph (B), this section may not, with respect to racial and ethnic minorities, be construed to authorize, require, or prohibit the use of such criteria in any program other than the program established in this section. " (2) CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE AT CERTAIN HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES.— "(A) CONDITIONS. —The conditions specified in this subparagraph are that a designated health professions school— "(i) is a school described in section 799B(1); and "(ii) received a contract under section 788B for fiscal year 1987, as such section was in effect for such fiscal year. "(B) USE OF GRANT.—In addition to the purposes described in subsection (b), a grant under subsection (a) to a designated health professions school meeting the conditions described in subparagraph (A) may be expended— "(i) to develop a plan to achieve institutional improvements, including financial independence, to enable the school to support programs of excellence in health professions education for under-represented minority individuals; and "(ii) to provide improved access to the library and informational resources of the school. "(C) EXCEPTION. —The requirements of paragraph (1)(C) shall not apply to a historically black college or university that receives funding under paragraphs (2) or (5). "(3) HISPANIC CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE. —The conditions specified in this paragraph are that— "(A) with respect to Hispanic individuals, each of clauses (i) through (iv) of paragraph (1)(B) applies to the designated health professions school involved; "(B) the school agrees, as a condition of receiving a grant under subsection (a), that the school will, in carrying out the duties described in subsection (b), give priority to carrying out the duties with respect to Hispanic individuals; and "(C) the school agrees, as a condition of receiving a grant under subsection (a), that— "(i) the school will establish an arrangement with 1 or more public or nonprofit community based Hispanic serving organizations, or public or nonprofit private institutions of higher education, including schools 59-194O-98 -25:QL3Part5