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112 STAT. 3614 PUBLIC LAW 105-393—NOV. 13, 1998 conveyance, deeds of release, assignments and satisfactions of mortgages, and any other written instrument relating to real or personal property or any interest in such property acquired by the Secretary under this Act may be exercised by the Secretary, or by any officer or agent appointed by the Secretary for that purpose, without the execution of any express delegation of power or power of attorney. Deadline. " SEC. 603. ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS. "Not later than July 1, 2000, and July 1 of each year thereafter, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a comprehensive and detailed annual report on the activities of the Secretary under this Act during the most recently completed fiscal year. 42 USC 3214. " SEC. 604. DELEGATION OF FUNCTIONS AND TRANSFER OF FUNDS AMONG FEDERAL AGENCIES. " (a) DELEGATION OF FUNCTIONS TO OTHER FEDERAL AGEN- CIES. —The Secretary may— "(1) delegate to the heads of other Federal agencies such functions, powers, and duties of the Secretary under this Act as the Secretary determines to be appropriate; and "(2) authorize the redelegation of the functions, powers, and duties by the heads of the agencies. " (b) TRANSFER OF FUNDS TO OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES. —Funds authorized to be appropriated to carry out this Act may be transferred between Federal agencies, if the funds are used for the purposes for which the funds are specifically authorized and appropriated. "(c) TRANSFER OF FUNDS FROM OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES.— "(1) IN GENERAL. — Subject to paragraph (2), for the purposes of this Act, the Secretary may accept transfers of funds from other Federal agencies if the funds are used for the purposes for which (and in accordance with the terms under which) the funds are specifically authorized and appropriated. "(2) USE OF FUNDS.— The transferred funds— "(A) shall remain available until expended; and "(B) may, to the extent necessary to carry out this Act, be transferred to and merged by the Secretary with the appropriations for salaries and expenses. 42 USC 3215. " SEC. 605. PENALTIES. "(a) FALSE STATEMENTS; SECURITY OVERVALUATION.—^A person that makes any statement that the person knows to be false, or willfully overvalues any security, for the purpose of— "(1) obtaining for the person or for any applicant any financial assistance under this Act or any extension of the assistance by renewal, deferment, or action, or by any other means, or the acceptance, release, or substitution of security for the assistance; "(2) influencing in any manner the action of the Secretary; or "(3) obtaining money, property, or any thing of value, under this Act; shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. "(b) EMBEZZLEMENT AND FRAUD-RELATED CRIMES. —^A person that is connected in any capacity with the Secretary in the administration of this Act and that—