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113 STAT. 544 PUBLIC LAW 106-65—OCT. 5, 1999 "(2) In the establishment and review of requirements for an advanced manufacturing technology or process, the Secretary shall ensure the participation of those prospective technology users that are expected to be the users of that technology or process. "(3) The Secretary shall ensure that each project under the program for the development of an advanced manufacturing technology or process includes an implementation plan for the transition of that technology or process to the prospective technology users that will be the users of that technology or process. "(4) In the periodic review of a project under the program, the Secretary shall ensure participation by those prospective technology users that are the expected users for the technology or process being developed under the project."; and (3) by adding after paragraph (5) (as redesignated by paragraph (2)) the following new paragraph: "(6) In this subsection, the term 'prospective technology users' means the following officials and elements of the Department of Defense: "(A) Program and project managers for defense weapon systems. "(B) Systems commands. "(C) Depots. "(D) Air logistics centers. " (E) Shipyards.". (d) CONSIDERATION OF COST-SHARING PROPOSALS.—Subsection (d) of such section is amended— (1) by striking paragraphs (2) and (3); (2) by striking "(A)" after "(1)"; and (3) by striking "(B) For each" and all that follows through "competitive procedures." and inserting the following: "(2) Under the competitive procedures used, the factors to be considered in the evaluation of each proposed grant, contract, cooperative agreement, or other transaction for a project under the program shall include the extent to which that proposed transaction provides for the proposed recipient to share in the cost of the project.". (e) REVISIONS TO FIVE-YEAR PLAN.—Subsection (e)(2) of such section is amended— (1) in subparagraph (A), by inserting ", including a description of all completed projects and status of implementation" before the period at the end; and (2) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph: "(C) Plans for the implementation of the advanced manufacturing technologies and processes being developed under the program.". SEC. 217. REVISION TO LIMITATIONS ON IHGH ALTITUDE ENDURANCE UNMANNED VEIHCLE PROGRAM. Section 216(b) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 (Public Law 105-85; 111 Stat. 1660) is amended by striking "may not procure any" and inserting "may not procure more than two".