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PUBLIC LAW 106-74—OCT. 20, 1999 113 STAT. 1083 Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended, except that, notwithstanding section 1452(n) of the Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended, none of the funds made available under this heading in this Act, or in previous appropriations Acts, shall be reserved by the Administrator for health effects studies on drinking water contaminants; $50,000,000 shall be for architectural, engineering, plsmning, design, construction and related activities in connection with the construction of high priority water and wastewater facilities in the area of the United States-Mexico Border, after consultation with the appropriate border commission; $30,000,000 shall be for grants to the State of Alaska to address drinking water and wastewater infrastructure needs of rural and Alaska Native Villages; $331,650,000 shall be for making grants for the construction of wastewater and water treatment facilities and groundwater protection infrastructure in accordance with the terms and conditions specified for such grants in the conference report and joint explanatory statement of the committee of conference accompanying this Act (H.R. 2684); and $885,000,000 shall be for grants, including associated program support costs, to States, federally recognized tribes, interstate agencies, tribal consortia, and air pollution control agencies for multi-media or single media pollution prevention, control and abatement and related activities, including activities pursuant to the provisions set forth under this heading in Public Law 104-134, and for making grants under section 103 of the Clean Air Act for particulate matter monitoring and data collection activities: Provided, That notwithstanding section 603(d)(7) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, the limitation on the amounts in a State water pollution control revolving fund that may be used by a State to administer the fund shall not apply to amounts included as principal in loans made by such fund in fiscal year 2000 and prior years where such amoiints represent costs of administering the fund, or by the State of New York for fiscal year 2000 and prior years, costs of capitalizing the fund, to the extent that such amounts are or were deemed reasonable by the Administrator, accounted for separately from other assets in the fund, and used for eligible purposes of the fund, including administration, or, by the State of New York for fiscal year 2000 and prior years, for capitalization of the fund: Provided further, That notwithstanding section 518(f) of the Federal Water Pollution 33 USC 1377 Control Act, the Administrator is authorized to use the amounts J^o**- appropriated for any fiscal year under section 319 of that Act to make grants to Indian tribes pursuant to section 319(h) and 518(e) of that Act: Provided further. That notwithstanding any other provision of law, in the case of a publicly owned treatment works in the District of Columbia, the Federal share of grants awarded under title II of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, beginning October 1, 1999 and continuing through September 30, 2001, shall be 80 percent of the cost of construction, and all grants made to such publicly owned treatment works in the District of Columbia may include an advance of allowance under section 201(1)(2): Provided further. That the $2,200,000 appropriated in Public Law 105-276 in accordance with House Report No. 105- 769, for a grant to the Charleston, Utah Water Conservancy District, as amended by Public Law 106-31, shall be awarded to Wasatch County, Utah, for water and sewer needs: Provided further. That the funds appropriated under this heading in Public Law