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PUBLIC LAW 106-129—DEC. 6, 1999 113 STAT. 1663 "(ii) not later than 24 months after the date of Deadline. the enactment of this title, of a final report containing Report. recommendations. "(B) REPORTS. — The Secretary shall submit the reports described in subparagraph (A) to the Committee on Finance and the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions of the Senate and the Committee on Ways and Means and the Committee on Commerce of the House of Representatives. "PART C—GENERAL PROVISIONS "SEC. 921. ADVISORY COUNCIL FOR HEALTHCARE RESEARCH ^V^D 42 USC 299c. QUALITY. "(a) ESTABLISHMENT.— There is established an advisory council to be known as the National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality. "(b) DUTIES.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—The Advisory Council shall advise the Secretary and the Director with respect to activities proposed or undertaken to carry out the mission of the Agency under section 901(b). "(2) CERTAIN RECOMMENDATIONS.— Activities of the Advisory Council under paragraph (1) shall include making recommendations to the Director regarding— "(A) priorities regarding health care research, especially studies related to quality, outcomes, cost and the utilization of, and access to, health care services; "(B) the field of health care research and related disciplines, especially issues related to training needs, and dissemination of information pertaining to health care quality; and "(C) the appropriate role of the Agency in each of these areas in light of private sector activity and identification of opportunities for public-private sector partnerships. "(c) MEMBERSHIP.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —The Advisory Council shall, in accordance with this subsection, be composed of appointed members and ex officio members. All members of the Advisory Council shall be voting members other than the individuals designated under paragraph (3)(B) as ex officio members. "(2) APPOINTED MEMBERS. —The Secretary shall appoint to the Advisory Council 21 appropriately qualified individuals. At least 17 members of the Advisory Council shall be representatives of the public who are not officers or employees of the United States and at least 1 member who shall be a specialist in the rural aspects of 1 or more of the professions or fields described in subparagraphs (A) through (G). The Secretary shall ensure that the appointed members of the Council, as a group, are representative of professions and entities concerned with, or affected by, activities under this title and under section 1142 of the Social Security Act. Of such members— "(A) three shall be individuals distinguished in the conduct of rescarch, demonstration projects, and evaluations with respect to health care;