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113 STAT. 1552 PUBLIC LAW 106-117—NOV. 30, 1999 Deadline. 38 USC 1710B note. (3) Under one of the pilot programs, the Secretary shall arrange for the provision of services through a combination of— (A) services provided through cooperative arrangements with appropriate public and private entities; and (B) services provided through facilities and personnel of the Department. (f) IN-KIND ASSISTANCE. —In providing for the furnishing of services under a contract in carrying out the pilot program described in subsection (e)(2), the Secretary may, subject to reimbiirsement, provide in-kind assistance (through the services of Department employees and the sharing of other Depeirtment resources) to a facility furnishing care to veterans. Such reimbursement may be made by reduction in the chsirges to the Secretary under such contract. (g) LIMITATION.— In providing for the furnishing of services in carrying out a pilot program described in subsection (e)(2) or (e)(3), the Secretary shall make payment for services only to the extent that payment for such services is not otherwise covered (notwithstanding any provision of title XVIII or XIX of the Social Security Act) by another government or nongovernment entity or program. (h) DURATION OF PROGRAMS.— The authority of the Secretary to provide services under a pilot program under this section shall cease on the date that is three years after the date of the commencement of that pilot progreun. (i) REPORT.—(1) Not later than nine months after the completion of all of the pilot programs under this section, the Secretary shall submit to the Committees on Veterans' Affairs of the Senate and the House of Representatives a report on those programs. (2) The report shall include the following: (A) A description of the implementation and operation of each such program. (B) An analysis comparing use of institutional care and use of other services among enrollees in each of the pilot programs with the experience of comparable patients who are not enrolled in one of the pilot programs. (C) An assessment of the satisfaction of participating veterans with each of those progrsuns. (D) An assessment of the health status of participating veterans in each of those programs and of the ability of those vetergins to function independently. (E) An analysis of the costs and benefits under each of those programs. SEC. 103. PILOT PROGRAM RELATING TO ASSISTED LIVING. (a) PROGRAM AUTHORITY. —The Secretary may carry out a pilot program for the purpose of determining the feasibility and practicability of enabling eligible veterans to secure needed assisted living services as an alternative to nursing home care. (b) LOCATION OF PILOT PROGRAM. —The pilot program shall be carried out in a designated health care region of the Department selected by the Secretary for purposes of this section. (c) SCOPE OF PROGRAM.— In carrying out the pilot program, the Secretary may enter into contracts with appropriate facilities for the provision for a period of up to six months of assisted