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113 STAT. 1564 PUBLIC LAW 106-117—NOV. 30, 1999 Applicability. (6) by striking "Department" in the second sentence of subsection (b)(1) and inserting "Veterans Health Administration"; (7) by striking "Department of Veterans' Benefits" in subsection (b)(4)(E) and inserting "Veterans Benefits Administration"; (8) in subsection (e)(1), by striking "Not later than March 1, 1985, the Administrator" and inserting "Not later than March 1, 2000, the Secretary"; and (9) in subsection (e)(2)— (A) by striking "Not later than February 1, 1986" and inserting "Not later than February 1, 2001"; (B) by striking "Administrator" and inserting "Secretary"; and (C) by striking "before the submission of such report" and inserting "since the enactment of the Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act". SEC. 207. STATE HOME GRANT PROGRAM. (a) GENERAL REGULATIONS.— Section 8134 is amended— (1) by redesignating subsection (b) as subsection (c); (2) by striking the matter in subsection (a) preceding paragraph (2) and inserting the following: "(a)(1) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations for the purposes of this subchapter. "(2) In those regulations, the Secretary shall prescribe for each State the number of nursing home and domiciliary beds for which assistance under this subchapter may be furnished. Such regulations shall be based on projected demand for such care 10 years after the date of the enactment of the Veterans Millennium Health Care and Benefits Act by veterans who at such time are 65 years of age or older and who reside in that State. In determining such projected demand, the Secretary shall take into account travel distances for veterans and their families. "(3)(A) In those regulations, the Secretary shall establish criteria under which the Secretary shall determine, with respect to an application for assistance under this subchapter for a project described in subparagraph (B) which is from a State that has a need for additional beds as determined under subsections (a)(2) and (d)(1), whether the need for such beds is most aptly characterized as great, significant, or limited. Such criteria shall take into account the availability of beds already operated by the Secretary and other providers which appropriately serve the needs which the State proposes to meet with its application. "(B) This paragraph applies to a project for the construction or acquisition of a new State home facility, a project to increase the number of beds available at a State home facility, and a project to replace beds at a State home facility. "(4) The Secretary shall review and, as necessary, revise regulations prescribed under paragraphs (2) and (3) not less often than every four years. "(b) The Secretary shall prescribe the following by regulation:"; (3) by redesignating paragraphs (2) and (3) of subsection (b), as designated by paragraph (2), as paragraphs (1) and (2);