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PUBLIC LAW 106-181—APR. 5, 2000 114 STAT. 119 " (ii) MODERNIZATION AND IMPROVEMENT. — To review and approve— "(I) methods to accelerate air traffic control modernization and improvements in aviation safety related to air traffic control; and "(II) procurements of air traffic control equipment in excess of $100,000,000. "(iii) OPERATIONAL PLANS.— To review the operational functions of the air traffic control system, including— "(I) plans for modernization of the air traffic control system; "(II) plans for increasing productivity or implementing cost-saving measures; and "(III) plans for training and education, " (iv) MANAGEMENT.—To— "(I) review and approve the Administrator's appointment of a Chief Operating Officer under section 106(r); "(II) review the Administrator's selection, evaluation, and compensation of senior executives of the Administration who have program management responsibility over significant functions of the air traffic control system; "(III) review and approve the Administrator's plans for any major reorganization of the Administration that would impact on the management of the air traffic control system; "(IV) review and approve the Administrator's cost accounting and financial management structure and technologies to help ensure efficient and cost-effective air traffic control operation; and "(V) review the performance and compensation of managers responsible for major acquisition projects, including the ability of the managers to meet schedule and budget targets, "(v) BUDGET. —To— "(I) review and approve the budget request of the Administration related to the air traffic control system prepared by the Administrator; "(II) submit such budget request to the Secretary; and "(III) ensure that the budget request supports the annual and long-range strategic plans. The Secretary shall submit the budget request referred to in clause (v)(II) for any fiscal year to the President who shall transmit such request, without revision, to the Committees on Transportation and Infrastructure and Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Committees on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and Appropriations of the Senate, together with the President's annual budget request for the Federal Aviation Administration for such fiscal year. " (D) SUBCOMMITTEE PERSONNEL MATTERS. — " (i) COMPENSATION OF MEMBERS.— Each member of the Subcommittee shall be compensated at a rate of $25,000 per year.