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PUBLIC LAW 106-181—APR. 5, 2000 114 STAT. 161 "(B) in deviating from standard operating procedures, including inappropriate responses to emergencies and hazardous weather; "(C) in awareness of altitude and location relative to terrain to prevent controlled flight into terrain; and "(D) in landing and approaches, including nonprecision approaches and go-around procedures. "(b) TEST PROGRAM.— The Administrator shall establish a test program in cooperation with air carriers to use model Jeppesen approach plates or other similar tools to improve precision-like landing approaches for aircraft. "(c) REPORT. —Not later than 1 year after the date of the enact- Deadline. ment of this section, the Administrator shall transmit to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives a report on the status of the Administration's efforts to encourage the adoption and implementation of advanced qualification programs for air carriers under this section. "(d) ADVANCED QUALIFICATION PROGRAM DEFINED. —In this section, the term 'advanced qualification program' means an alternative method for qualifying, training, certifying, and ensuring the competency of flight crews and other commercial aviation operations personnel subject to the training and evaluation requirements of parts 121 and 135 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations.". (b) AUTOMATION AND ASSOCIATED TRAINING.—Not later than Deadline. 12 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Administrator shall complete updating training practices for flight deck automation and associated training requirements. (c) CONFORMING AMENDMENT.— The analysis for chapter 445 is further amended by adding at the end the following: "44516. Human factors program.". SEC. 714. IMPLEMENTATION OF ARTICLE 83 BIS OF THE CHICAGO CONVENTION. Section 44701 is amended by— (1) redesignating subsection (e) as subsection (f); and (2) by inserting after subsection (d) the following: "(e) BILATERAL EXCHANGES OF SAFETY OVERSIGHT RESPONSIBIL- ITIES.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter, the Administrator, pursuant to Article 83 bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and by a bilateral agreement with the aeronautical authorities of another country, may exchange with that country all or part of their respective functions and duties with respect to registered aircraft under the following articles of the Convention: Article 12 (Rules of the Air); Article 31 (Certificates of Airworthiness); or Article 32a (Licenses of Personnel). " (2) RELINQUISHMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSI- BILITY.—The Administrator relinquishes responsibility with respect to the functions and duties transferred by the Administrator as specified in the bilateral agreement, under the Articles listed in paragraph (1) for United States-registered aircraft described in paragraph (4)(A) transferred abroad and accepts responsibility with respect to the functions and duties under those Articles for aircraft registered abroad and described in paragraph (4)(B) that are transferred to the United States.