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PUBLIC LAW 106-176—MAR. 10, 2000 114 STAT. 33 (4) In paragraph (3)(B), by striking "The transferred lands" and inserting "The lands and interests in land transferred to the Secretary of Agriculture under paragraph (1)". (5) Section 10(g)(5)(A) of such Act (112 Stat. 3050) is amended by striking "Daggett County" and inserting "Dutch John". (b) ELECTRIC POWER.— Section 13(d) of such Act (112 Stat. 3053) is amended by striking paragraph (1) and inserting the fol- 16 USC 460v lowing new paragraph: i^ote. "(1) AVAILABILITY.— The United States shall make available for the Dutch John community electric power and associated energy previously reserved from the Colorado River Storage Project for project use as firm electric service.". SEC. 304. OREGON PUBLIC LANDS TRANSFER AND PROTECTION ACT OF 1998. Section 3 of the Oregon Public Lands Transfer and Protection Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-321; 112 Stat. 3022) is amended as follows: (1) In subsection (a), by striking paragraph (3) and redesignating paragraphs (4) and (5) as paragraphs (3) and (4), respectively. (2) By striking subsection (b) and inserting the following new subsection: "(b) POLICY OF NO NET LOSS OF O & C LAND AND CBWR LAND. — In carrying out sales, purchases, and exchanges of land Deadline, in the geographic area, the Secretary shall ensure that on October 30, 2008, and on the expiration of each 10-year period thereafter, the number of acres of O & C land and CBWR land in the geographic area is not less than the number of acres of such land on October 30, 1998.". SEC. 305. NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION. Section 4 of Public Law 90-209 is amended— 16 USC I9h. (1) by inserting "with or" between "practicable" and "without" in the final sentence thereof; and (2) by adding at the end thereof a new sentence as follows: "Monies reimbursed to either Department shall be returned by the Department to the account from which the funds for which the reimbursement is made were drawn and may, without further appropriation, be expended for any purpose for which such account is authorized.". SEC. 306. NATIONAL PARKS OMNIBUS MANAGEMENT ACT OF 1998. Section 603(c)(1) of Public Law 105-391 is amended by striking 16 USC 5993. "10" and inserting "15". SEC. 307. GRAND STAIRCASE-ESCALANTE NATIONAL MONUMENT. Section 201(d) of Public Law 105-355 is amended by inserting 16 USC 431 note, "and/or Tropic Utah," after the words "school district, Utah," and by striking "Public Purposes Act," and the remainder of the sentence and inserting "Public Purposes Act.". SEC. 308. SPIRIT MOUND. Section 112(a) of division C of Public Law 105-277 (112 Stat. 2681-592) is amended— (1) by striking "is authorized to acquire" and inserting "is authorized: (1) to acquire";