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114 STAT. 738 PUBLIC LAW 106-263—AUG. 18, 2000 to decreed and certificated rights of irrigation companies downstream of the reservation; or impounded in the Gunlock Reservoir upstream of the reservation. The Band's lack of access to water has frustrated its efforts to achieve meaningful self- determination and economic self-sufficiency. (6) On July 21, 1980, the State of Utah, pursuant to title 73, chapter 4, Utah Code Ann., initiated a statutory adjudication of water rights in the Fifth Judicial District Court in Washington County, Utah, Civil No. 800507596, which encompasses all of the rights to the use of water, both surface and underground, within the drainage area of the Virgin River and its tributaries in Utah ('Virgin River Adjudication"), including the Santa Clara River Drainage ("Santa Clara System"). (7) The United States was joined as a party in the Virgin River Adjudication pursuant to section 666 of title 43, United States Code. On February 17, 1987, the United States filed a Statement of Water User Claim asserting a water right based on State law and a Federal reserved water rights claim for the benefit of the Shivwits Band to water from the Santa Clara River System. This was the only claim the United States filed for any Indian tribe or band in the Virgin River Adjudication within the period allowed by title 73, chapter 4, Utah Code Ann., which bars the filing of claims after the time prescribed therein. (8) The Virgin River adjudication will take many years to conclude, entail great expense, and prolong uncertainty as to the availability of water supplies, and thus, the parties have sought to settle their dispute over water and reduce the burdens of litigation. (9) After lengthy negotiation, which included participation by representatives of the United States Government for the benefit of the Shivwits Band, the State of Utah, the Shivwits Band, the Washington County Water Conservancy District, the City of St. George, and others on the Santa Clara River System, the parties have entered into agreements to resolve all water rights claims between and among themselves and to quantify the water right entitlement of the Shivwits Band, and to provide for the construction of water projects to facilitate the settlement of these claims. (10) Pursuant to the St. George Water Reuse Project Agreement, the Santa Clara Project Agreement, and the Settlement Agreement, the Shivwits Band will receive the right to a total of 4,000 acre-feet of water annually in settlement of its existing State law claims and Federal reserved water right claims. (11) To advance the goals of Federal Indian policy and consistent with the trust responsibility of the United States to the Shivwits Band, it is appropriate that the United States participate in the implementation of the St. George Water Reuse Project Agreement, the Santa Clara Project Agreement, and the Settlement Agreement in accordance with this Act. SEC. 3. PURPOSES. The purposes of this Act are— (1) to achieve a fair, equitable, and final settlement of all claims to water rights in the Santa Clara River for the