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PUBLIC LAW 106-310—OCT. 17, 2000 114 STAT. 1103 Sec. 1602. Oral health promotion and disease prevention. Sec. 1603. Coordinated program to improve pediatric oral health. TITLE XVII—VACCINE-RELATED PROGRAMS Subtitle A—Vaccine Compensation Program Sec. 1701. Content of petitions. Subtitle B—Childhood Immunizations Sec. 1711. Childhood immunizations. TITLE XVIII—HEPATITIS C Sec. 1801. Surveillance and education regarding hepatitis C. TITLE XIX—NIH INITIATIVE ON AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Sec. 1901. Autoimmune diseases; initiative through Director of National Institutes of Health. TITLE XX—GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS IN CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS Sec. 2001. Provisions to revise and extend program. TITLE XXI—SPECIAL NEEDS OF CHILDREN REGARDING ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION Sec. 2101. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network; amendments regarding needs of children. TITLE XXII—MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY RESEARCH Sec. 2201. Muscular dystrophy research. TITLE XXIII—CHILDREN AND TOURETTE SYNDROME AWARENESS Sec. 2301. Grants regarding Tourette Syndrome. TITLE XXIV—CHILDHOOD OBESITY PREVENTION Sec. 2401. Programs operated through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. TITLE XXV—EARLY DETECTION AND TREATMENT REGARDING CHILDHOOD LEAD POISONING Sec. 2501. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention efforts to combat childhood lead poisoning. Sec. 2502. Grants for lead poisoning related activities. Sec. 2503. Training and reports by the Health Resoiu"ces and Services Administration. Sec. 2504. Screenings, referrals, and education regarding lead poisoning. TITLE XXVI—SCREENING FOR HERITABLE DISORDERS Sec. 2601. Program to improve the ability of States to provide newborn and child screening for heritable disorders. TITLE XXVII—PEDIATRIC RESEARCH PROTECTIONS Sec. 2701. Requirement for additional protections for children involved in research. TITLE XXVIII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 2801. Report regarding research on rare diseases in children. Sec. 2802. Study on metabolic disorders. TITLE XXIX—EFFECTIVE DATE Sec. 2901. Effective date. DIVISIGN B—YOUTH DRUG AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Sec. 3001. Short title. TITLE XXXI—PROVISIONS RELATING TO SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS Sec. 3101. Children and violence. Sec. 3102. Emergency response.