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PUBLIC LAW 106-345—OCT. 20, 2000 114 STAT. 1353 (1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall request the Institute of Medicine to enter into an agreement with the Secretary under which such Institute conducts a study concerning the appropriate epidemiological measures and their relationship to the financing and delivery of primary care and health-related support services for low-income, uninsured, and under-insured individuals with HIV disease. (2) ISSUES TO BE CONSIDERED.—The Secretary shall ensure that the study under paragraph (1) considers the following: (A) The availability and utility of health outcomes measures and data for HIV primary care and support services and the extent to which those measures and data could be used to measure the quality of such funded services. (B) The effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery (including the quality of services, health outcomes, and resource use) within the context of a changing health care and therapeutic environment, as well as the changing epidemiology of the epidemic, including determining the actual costs, potential savings, and overall financial impact of modifying the program under title XIX of the Social Security Act to establish eligibility for medical assistance under such title on the basis of infection with the human immunodeficiency virus rather than providing such assistance only if the infection has progressed to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. (C) Existing and needed epidemiological data and other analytic tools for resource planning and allocation decisions, specifically for estimating severity of need of a community and the relationship to the allocations process. (D) Other factors determined to be relevant to assessing an individual's or community's ability to gain and sustain access to quality HIV services. (c) OTHER ENTITIES. —I f the Institute of Medicine declines to conduct a study under this section, the Secretary shall enter into an agreement with another appropriate public or nonprofit private entity to conduct the study. (d) REPORT. —The Secretary shall ensure that— (1) not later than 3 years after the date of the enactment Deadline, of this Act, the study required in subsection (a) is completed and a report describing the findings made in the study is submitted to the appropriate committees of the Congress; and (2) not later than 2 years after the date of the enactment of this Act, the study required in subsection (b) is completed and a report describing the findings made in the study is submitted to such committees. SEC. 502. DEVELOPMENT OF RAPID HIV TEST. 42 USC 300cc (a) EXPANSION, INTENSIFICATION, AND COORDINATION OF RESEARCH AND OTHER ACTIVITIES.— (1) IN GENERAL.— The Director of NIH shall expand, intensify, and coordinate research and other activities of the National Institutes of Health with respect to the development of reliable and affordable tests for HIV disease that can rapidly be administered and whose results can rapidly be obtained (in this section referred to as "rapid HIV test").