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PUBLIC LAW 106-377—APPENDIX A 114 STAT. 1441A-33 or other entity approved by the Secretary in the manner provided under paragraph (11). "(G) EXTENSION OF CONTRACT TERM. —^A public housing agency may enter into a contract with the owner of a structure assisted under a housing assistance payment contract pursuant to this paragraph to extend the term of the underlying housing assistance payment contract for such period as the agency determines to be appropriate to achieve long-term affordability of the housing or to expand housing opportunities. Such a contract shall provide that the extension of such term shall be contingent upon the future availability of appropriated funds for the purpose of renewing expiring contracts for assistance pa3anents, as provided in appropriations Acts, and may obligate the owner to have such extensions of the underlying housing assistance payment contract accepted by the owner and the successors in interest of the owner. "(H) RENT CALCULATION.— ^A housing assistance pay- ment contract pursuant to this paragraph shall establish rents for each unit assisted in an amount that does not exceed 110 percent of the applicable fair market rental (or any exception payment standard approved by the Secretary pursuant to paragraph (1)(D)), except that if a contract covers a dwelling unit that has been allocated lowincome housing tax credits pursuant to section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 42) and is not located in a qualified census tract (as such term is defined in subsection (d) of such section 42), the rent for such unit may be established at any level that does not exceed the rent charged for comparable units in the building that also receive the low-income housing tax credit but do not have additional rental assistance. The rents established by housing assistance payment contracts pursuant to this paragraph may vary from the payment standards established by the public housing agency pursuant to paragraph (1)(B), but shall be subject to paragraph (10)(A). "(I) RENT ADJUSTMENTS.—^A housing assistance pay- ments contract pursuant to this paragraph shall provide for rent adjustments, except that— "(i) the adjusted rent for any unit assisted shall be reasonable in comparison with rents charged for comparable dwelling units in the private, unassisted, local market and may not exceed the maximum rent permitted under subparagraph (H); and "(ii) the provisions of subsection (c)(2)(C) shall not apply. "(J) TENANT SELECTION. —^A public housing agency shall select families to receive project-based assistance pursuant to this paragraph from its waiting list for assistance under this subsection. Eligibility for such project-based assistance shall be subject to the provisions of section 16(b) that apply to tenant-based assistance. The agency may establish preferences or criteria for selection for a unit assisted under this paragraph that are consistent with the public housing agency plan for the agency approved under section 5A. Any family that rejects an offer of project-based assistance under this paragraph or that is rejected for admission