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PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX 114 STAT. 1654A-97 national interest. The percent of the increase may not exceed the percent by which the Secretary increases that end strength.". Subtitle D—Authorization of Appropriations SEC. 431. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense for military personnel for fiscal year 2001 a total of $75,801,666,000. The authorization in the preceding sentence supersedes any other authorization of appropriations (definite or indefinite) for such purpose for fiscal year 2001. TITLE V—MILITARY PERSONNEL POLICY SUBTITLE A—OFFICER PERSONNEL POLICY Sec. 501. Eligibility of Army and Air Force Reserve colonels and brigadier generals for position vacancy promotions. Sec. 502. Flexibility in establishing promotion zones for Coast Guard Reserve officers. Sec. 503. Time for release of reports of officer promotion selection boards. Sec. 504. Clarification of requirements for composition of active-duty list selection boards when reserve officers are under consideration. Sec. 505. Authority to issue posthumous commissions in the case of members dying before official recommendation for appointment or promotion is approved by Secretary concerned. Sec. 506. Technical corrections relating to retired grade of reserve commissioned of- ficers. Sec. 507. Grade of chiefs of reserve components and directors of National Guard components. Sec. 508. Revision to rules for entitlement to separation pay for regular and reserve officers. SUBTITLE B—RESERVE COMPONENT PERSONNEL POLICY Sec. 521. Exemption from active-duty list for reserve officers on active duty for a period of three years or less. Sec. 522. Termination of application requirement for consideration of officers for continuation on the reserve active-status list. Sec. 523. Authority to retain Air Force Reserve officers in all medical specialties until specified age. Sec. 524. Authority for provision of legal services to reserve component members following release from active duty. Sec. 525. Extension of involuntary civil service retirement date for certain reserve technicians. f:) ,-• •.. SUBTITLE C—EDUCATION AND TRAINING Sec. 531. Eligibility of children of Reserves for Presidential appointment to service academies. Sec. 532. Selection of foreign students to receive instruction at service academies. Sec. 533. Revision of college tuition assistance program for members of Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class program. Sec. 534. Review of allocation of Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps units among the services. Sec. 535. Authority for Naval Postgraduate School to enroll certain defense industry civilians in specified programs relating to defense product development. SUBTITLE D—DECORATIONS, AWARDS, AND COMMENDATIONS Sec. 541. Limitation on award of Bronze Star to members in receipt of imminent danger pay.