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PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX 114 STAT. 1654A-171 (i) DEFINITION.— In this section, the term "World War 11" has the meaning given that term in section 101(8) of title 38, United States Code. SEC. 668. SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING FUNDING FOR RESERVE COMPONENTS. It is the sense of Congress that it is in the national interest for the President, in the President's Budget for each fiscal year, to provide funds for the reserve components of the Armed Forces at a level sufficient to ensure that the reserve components are able to meet the requirements, including training requirements, specified for them in the National Military Strategy. TITLE VII—HEALTH CARE PROVISIONS SUBTITLE A—HEALTH CARE SERVICES Sec. 701. Provision of domiciliary and custodial care for CHAMPUS beneficiaries and certain former CHAMPUS beneficiaries. Sec. 702. Chiropractic health care for members on active duty. Sec. 703. School-required physical examinations for certain minor dependents. Sec. 704. Two-year extension of dental and medical benefits for surviving dependents of certain deceased members. Sec. 705. Two-year extension of authority for use of contract physicians at military entrance processing stations and elsewhere outside medical treatment facilities. Sec. 706. Medical and dental care for Medal of Honor recipients. SUBTITLE B—SENIOR HEALTH CARE Sec. 711. Implementation of TRICARE senior pharmacy program. Sec. 712. Conditions for eligibility for CHAMPUS and TRICARE upon the attainment of age 65; expansion and modification of medicare subvention project. Sec. 713. Accrual funding for health care for medicare-eligible retirees and dependents. SUBTITLE C—TRICARE PROGRAM Sec. 721. Improvement of access to health care under the TRICARE program. Sec. 722. Additional beneficiaries under TRICARE Prime Remote program in the continental United States. Sec. 723. Modernization of TRICARE business practices and increase of use of military treatment facilities. Sec. 724. Extension of TRICARE managed care support contracts. Sec. 725. Report on protections against health care providers seeking direct reimbursement from members of the uniformed services. Sec. 726. Voluntary termination of enrollment in TRICARE retiree dental program. Sec. 727. Claims processing improvements. Sec. 728. Prior authorizations for certain referrals and nonavailability-of-healthcare statements. SUBTITLE D—DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS Sec. 731. Demonstration project for expanded access to mental health counselors. Sec. 732. Teleradiology demonstration project. Sec. 733. Health care management demonstration program. SUBTITLE E—JOINT INITIATIVES WITH DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Sec. 741. VA-DOD sharing agreements for health services. Sec. 742. Processes for patient safety in mihtary and veterans health care systems. Sec. 743. Cooperation in developing pharmaceutical identification technology. SUBTITLE F—OTHER MATTERS Sec. 751. Management of anthrax vaccine immunization program. Sec. 752. Elimination of copayments for immediate family. Sec. 753. Medical informatics. Sec. 754. Patient care reporting and management system. Sec. 755. Augmentation of Army Medical Department by detailing Reserve officers of the Public Health Service.