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114 STAT. 1654A-178 PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX " (A) $35,000,000 for fiscal year 2002. "(B) $55,000,000 for fiscal year 2003. "(C) $75,000,000 for fiscal year 2004. "(D) $100,000,000 for fiscal year 2005.". (d) AUTHORIZING PROGRAM EXPANSION AND MODIFICATIONS.— (1) Paragraph (2) of subsection (b) of such section 1896 is amended to read as follows: "(2) LOCATION OF SITES.— Subject to subsection (k)(2)(B), the program shall be conducted in any site that is designated jointly by the administering Secretaries.". (2) Subsection (d)(2) of such section is amended by inserting ", or (subject to subsection (k)(2)(B)) such comparable requirements as are included in the agreement under subsection (b)(1)(A)" after "the following areas". (3) Subsection (i) of such section is amended— (A) in paragraph (2), by inserting "subject to paragraph (4)," after "paragraph (1)"; and (B) by striking paragraph (4) and inserting the following: " (4) MODIFICATION OF PAYMENT METHODOLOGY. — The administering Secretaries may, subject to subsection (k)(2)(B), modify the payment methodology provided under paragraphs (1) and (2) so long as the amount of the reimbursement provided to the Secretary of Defense fully reimburses the Department of Defense for its cost of providing services under the program but does not exceed an amount that is estimated to be equivalent to the amount that otherwise would have been expended under this title for such services if provided other than under the program (not including amounts described in paragraph (2)). Such limiting amount may be based for any site on the amount that would be payable to Medicare+Choice organizations under part C for the area of the site or the amounts that would be payable under parts A and B.". (e) CHANGE IN REPORTS. — Paragraph (2) of subsection (k) of such section 1896 is amended to read as follows: " (2) REPORTS ON PROGRAM OPERATION AND CHANGES.— "(A) ANNUAL REPORT.— The administering Secretaries shall submit to the Committees on Armed Services and Finance of the Senate and the Committees on Armed Services and Ways and Means of the House of Representatives an annual report on the program and its impact on costs and the provision of health services under this title and title 10, United States Code. " (B) BEFORE MAKING CERTAIN PROGRAM CHANGES.— The administering Secretaries shall submit to such Committees a report at least 60 days before— "(i) changing the designation of a site under subsection (b)(2); "(ii) applying comparable requirements under subsection (d)(2); "(iii) making significant changes in payment methodology or amounts under subsection (i)(4); "(iv) making other significant changes in the operation of the program; or "(v) terminating the agreement under the second sentence of subsection (b)(4).