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114 STAT. 1654A-226 PUBLIC LAW 106-398—APPENDIX SEC. 905. ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS OF CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF ANNUAL REPORT ON COMBATANT COMMAND REQUIREMENTS. (a) ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS.— Section 153(d)(1) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new subparagraphs: "(C) A description of the extent to which the most recent fiiture-years defense program (under section 221 of this title) addresses the requirements on the consolidated lists. "(D) A description of the funding proposed in the President's budget for the next fiscal year, and for the subsequent fiscal years covered by the most recent future-years defense program, to address each deficiency in readiness identified during the joint readiness review conducted under section 117 of this title for the first quarter of the current fiscal year.". (b) TIME FOR SUBMISSION. —Such section is further amended by striking "Not later than August 15 of each year," and inserting "At or about the time that the budget is submitted to Congress for a fiscal year under section 1105(a) of title 31,". Subtitle B—Department of Defense Organizations SEC. 911. WESTERN HEMISPHERE INSTITUTE FOR SECURITY COOPERA- TION. (a) IN GENERAL.— Chapter 108 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section: "§2166. Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation "(a) ESTABLISHMENT AND ADMINISTRATION. — (1) The Secretary of Defense may operate an education and training facility for the purpose set forth in subsection (b). The facility shall be known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation'. "(2) The Secretary may designate the Secretary of a military department as the Department of Defense executive agent for carry- ing out the responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense under this section. "(b) PURPOSE. —The purpose of the Institute is to provide professional education and training to eligible personnel of nations of the Western Hemisphere within the context of the democratic principles set forth in the Charter of the Organization of American States (such charter being a treaty to which the United States is a party), while fostering mutual knowledge, transparency, confidence, and cooperation among the participating nations and promoting democratic values, respect for human rights, and knowledge and understanding of United States customs and traditions. "(c) ELIGIBLE PERSONNEL.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), personnel of nations of the Western Hemisphere are eligible for education and training at the Institute as follows: "(A) Military personnel. "(B) Law enforcement personnel. "(C) Civilian personnel. "(2) The Secretary of State shall be consulted in the selection of foreign personnel for education or training at the Institute.