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114 STAT. 1654A-308 PUBLIC LAW 106-398—APPENDIX TITLE XI—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL SUBTITLE A—CIVILIAN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT GENERALLY Sec. 1101. Employment and compensation of employees for temporary organizations established by law or Executive order. Sec. 1102. Assistive technology accommodations program. Sec. 1103. Extension of authority for voluntary separations in reductions in force. Sec. 1104. Electronic maintenance of performance appraisal systems. Sec. 1105. Study on civilian personnel services. SUBTITLE B—DEMONSTRATION AND PILOT PROGRAMS Sec. 1111. Pilot program for reengineering the equal employment opportunity complaint process. Sec. 1112. Work safety demonstration program. Sec. 1113. Extension, expansion, and revision of authority for experimental personnel program for scientific and technical personnel. Sec. 1114. Clarification of personnel management authority under personnel demonstration project. SUBTITLE C—EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE Sec. 1121. Restructuring the restriction on degree training. Sec. 1122. Student loan repayment programs. Sec. 1123. Extension of authority for tuition reimbursement and training for civilian employees in the defense acquisition workforce. SUBTITLE D—OTHER BENEFITS. Sec. 1131. Additional special pay for foreign language proficiency beneficial for United States national seciuity interests. Sec. 1132. Approval authority for cash awards in excess of $10,000. Sec. 1133. Leave for crews of certain vessels. Sec. 1134. Life insurance for emergency essential Department of Defense employees. SUBTITLE E—INTELLIGENCE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Sec. 1141. Expansion of defense civilian intelligence personnel system positions. Sec. 1142. Increase in number of positions authorized for the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service. SUBTITLE F—VOLUNTARY SEPARATION INCENTIVE PAY AND EARLY RETIREMENT AUTHORITY Sec. 1151. Extension, revision, and expansion of authorities for use of voluntary separation incentive pay and voluntary early retirement. Sec. 1152. Department of Defense employee voluntary early retirement authority. Sec. 1153. Limitations. Subtitle A—Civilian Personnel Management Generally SEC. 1101. EMPLOYMENT AND COMPENSATION OF EMPLOYEES FOR TEMPORARY ORGANIZATIONS ESTABLISHED BY LAW OR EXECUTIVE ORDER. (a) IN GENERAL. — Chapter 31 of title 5, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new subchapter: "SUBCHAPTER IV—TEMPORARY ORGANIZATIONS ESTABLISHED BY LAW OR EXECUTIVE ORDER § 3161. Employment and compensation of employees "(a) DEFINITION OF TEMPORARY ORGANIZATION. — For the purposes of this subchapter, the term 'temporary organization' means a commission, committee, board, or other organization that—