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PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX 114 STAT. 1654A-5 Sec. 352. Effects of outsourcing on overhead costs of Centers of Industrial and Technical Excellence and Army ammunition plants. Sec. 353. Consolidation, restructuring, or reengineering of Department of Defense organizations, functions, or activities. Sec. 354. Monitoring of savings resulting from workforce reductions as part of conversion of functions to performance by private sector or other strategic sourcing initiatives. Sec. 355. Performance of emergency response functions at chemical weapons storage installations. Sec. 356. Suspension of reorganization or relocation of Naval Audit Service. SUBTITLE F—DEFENSE DEPENDENTS EDUCATION Sec. 361. Eligibility of dependents of American Red Cross employees for enrollment in Department of Defense domestic dependent schools in Puerto Rico. Sec. 362. Assistance to local educational agencies that benefit dependents of members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilian employees. Sec. 363. Impact aid for children with severe disabilities. Sec. 364. Assistance for maintenance, repair, and renovation of school facilities that serve dependents of members of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilian employees. SUBTITLE G—MILITARY READINESS ISSUES Sec. 371. Measuring cannibalization of parts, supplies, and equipment under readiness reporting system. Sec. 372. Reporting requirements regarding transfers from high-priority readiness appropriations. Sec. 373. Effects of worldwide contingency operations on readiness of military aircraft and equipment. Sec. 374. Identification of requirements to reduce backlog in maintenance and repair of defense facilities. Sec. 375. New methodology for preparing budget requests to satisfy Army readiness requirements. Sec. 376. Review of AH-64 aircraft program. Sec. 377. Report on Air Force spare and repair parts program for C-5 aircraft. SUBTITLE H—OTHER MATTERS Sec. 381. Annual report on public sale of certain military equipment identified on United States Munitions List. Sec. 382. Resale of armor-piercing ammunition disposed of by the Army. Sec. 383. Reimbursement by civil air carriers for support provided at Johnston Atoll. Sec. 384. Travel by Reserves on military aircraft. Sec. 385. Overseas airlift service on Civil Reserve Air Fleet aircraft. Sec. 386. Additions to plan for ensviring visibility over all in-transit end items and secondary items. Sec. 387. Reauthorization of pilot program for acceptance and use of landing fees charged for use of domestic military airfields by civil aircraft. Sec. 388. Extension of authority to sell certain aircraft for use in wildfire suppression. Sec. 389. Damage to aviation facilities caused by alkali silica reactivity. Sec. 390. Demonstration project to increase reserve component internet access and services in rural communities. Sec. 391. Additional conditions on implementation of Defense Joint Accounting System. Sec. 392. Defense Travel System. Sec. 393. Review of Department of Defense costs of maintaining historical properties. TITLE IV—MILITARY PERSONNEL AUTHORIZATIONS SUBTITLE A—ACTIVE FORCES Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces. Sec. 402. Revision in permanent end strength minimum levels. Sec. 403. Adjustment to end strength flexibility authority. SUBTITLE B—RESERVE FORCES Sec. 411. End strengths for Selected Reserve. Sec. 412. End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the reserves. Sec. 413. End strengths for military technicians (dual status). Sec. 414. Fiscal year 2001 limitation on non-dual status technicians. Sec. 415. Increase in numbers of members in certain grades authorized to be on active duty in support of the Reserves.