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114 STAT. 1654A-14 PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX Sec. 1306.Agreement on nuclear weapons storage sites. Sec. 1307. Limitation on use of funds for construction of fossil fuel energy plants; report. Sec. 1308. Reports on activities and assistance under cooperative threat reduction programs. Sec. 1309. Russian chemical weapons elimination. Sec. 1310. Limitation on use of funds for elimination of weapons grade plutonium program. Sec. 1311. Report on audits of Cooperative Threat Reduction programs. TITLE XIV—COMMISSION TO ASSESS THE THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES FROM ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) ATTACK Sec. 1401. Establishment of commission. Sec. 1402. Duties of commission. Sec. 1403. Reports. Sec. 1404. Powers. Sec. 1405. Commission procedures. Sec. 1406. Personnel matters. Sec. 1407. Miscellaneous administrative provisions. Sec. 1408. Funding. Sec. 1409. Termination of the commission. TITLE XV—NAVY ACTIVITIES ON THE ISLAND OF VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO Sec. 1501. Assistance for economic growth on Vieques. Sec. 1502. Conveyance of Naval Ammunition Support Detachment, Vieques Island. Sec. 1503. Determination regarding continuation of Navy training. Sec. 1504.Actions if training is approved. Sec. 1505. Requirements if training is not approved or mandate for referendum is vitiated. Sec. 1506. Certain properties exempt from conveyance or transfer. Sec. 1507. Moratorium on improvements at Fort Buchanan. Sec. 1508. Transfer and management of Conservation Zones. TITLE XVI—GI BILL EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE AND VETERANS CLAIMS ASSISTANCE SUBTITLE A—VETERANS EDUCATION BENEFITS Sec. 1601. Additional opportunity for certain VEAP participants to enroll in basic educational assistance under Montgomery GI Bill. Sec. 1602. Modification of authority to pay tuition for off-duty training and education. SUBTITLE B—^VETERANS CLAIMS ASSISTANCE Sec. 1611. Clarification of Department of Veterans Affairs duty to assist. TITLE XVII—ASSISTANCE TO FIREFIGHTERS Sec. 1701. Firefighter assistance. Sec. 1702.Volunteer fire assistance program. Sec. 1703. Bum research. Sec. 1704. Study and demonstration projects regarding cases of hepatitis C among certain emergency response employees. Sec. 1705. Report on progress on spectrum snaring. Sec. 1706. Sale or donation of excess defense property to assist firefighting agencies. Sec. 1707. Identification of defense technologies suitable for use, or conversion for use, in providing fire and emergency medical services. TITLE XVIII—IMPACT AID Sec. 1801. Short title. Sec. 1802. Purpose. Sec. 1803. Payments relating to Federal acquisition of real property. Sec. 1804. Payments for eligible federally connected children. Sec. 1805. Maximum amount of basic support payments. Sec. 1806.Basic support payments for heavily impacted local educational agencies. Sec. 1807. Basic support payments for local educational agencies affected by removal of Federal property. Sec. 1808. Additional payments for local educational agencies with high concentrations of children with severe disabilities. Sec. 1809. Application for payments under sections 8002 and 8003. Sec. 1810. Payments for sudden and substantial increases in attendance of military dependents. Sec. 1811. Construction.