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114 STAT. 1736 PUBLIC LAW 106-402—OCT. 30, 2000 (A) seek to become direct support workers who assist individuals with developmental disabilities or are such direct support workers; and (B) seek to upgrade their skills and competencies related to being a direct support worker. (b) APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS.—To be eligible to receive an award under this section, an entity shall submit to the Secretary an application at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require, including— (1) a comprehensive analysis of the content of direct support roles; (2) information identifying an advisory group that— (A) is comprised of individuals with experience and expertise with regard to the support provided by direct support workers, and effective ways to provide the support, for individuals with developmental disabilities in diverse settings; and (B) will advise the entity throughout the development, evaluation, and dissemination of the staff development curriculum and guidelines; (3) information describing how the entity will— (A) develop, field test, and validate a staff development curriculum that— (i) relates to the appropriate reading level for direct service workers who assist individuals with disabilities; (ii) allows for multiple levels of instruction; (iii) provides instruction appropriate for direct support workers who work in diverse settings; and (iv) is consistent with subsections (b) and (c) of section 101 and section 109; (B) develop, field test, and validate guidelines for the organizations that use the curriculum that provide for— (i) providing necessary technical and instructional support to trainers and mentors for the participants; (ii) ensuring easy access to and use of such curriculum by workers that choose to participate in using, and agencies that choose to use, the curriculum; (iii) evaluating the proficiency of the participants with respect to the content of the curriculum; (iv) providing necessary support to the participants to assure that the participants have access to, and proficiency in using, a computer in order to participate in the development, testing, and validation process; (v) providing necessary technical and instructional support to trainers and mentors for the participants in conjunction with the development, testing, and validation process; (vi) addressing the satisfaction of participants, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, providers of services for such individuals and families, and other relevant entities with the curriculum; and (vii) developing methods to maintain a record of the instruction completed, and the content mastered, by each participant under the curriculum; and (C) nationally disseminate the curriculum and guidelines, including dissemination through—