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PUBLIC LAW 106-405—NOV. 1, 2000 114 STAT. 1753 risk-sharing regime in the United States for commercial space transportation. (b) CONTENTS. —The report required by this section shall— (1) analyze the adequacy, propriety, and effectiveness of, and the need for, the current liability risk-sharing regime in the United States for commercial space transportation; (2) examine the current liability and liability risk-sharing regimes in other countries with space transportation capabilities; (3) examine the appropriateness of deeming all space transportation activities to be "ultrahazardous activities" for which a strict liability standard may be applied and which liability regime should attach to space transportation activities, whether ultrahazardous activities or not; (4) examine the effect of relevant international treaties on the Federal Government's liability for commercial space launches and how the current domestic liability risk-sharing regime meets or exceeds the requirements of those treaties; (5) examine the appropriateness, as commercial reusable launch vehicles enter service and demonstrate improved safety and reliability, of evolving the commercial space transportation liability regime towards the approach of the airline liability regime; (6) examine the need for changes to the Federal Government's indemnification policy to accommodate the risks associated with commercial spaceport operations; and (7) recommend appropriate modifications to the commercial space transportation liability regime and the actions required to accomplish those modifications. (c) SECTIONS. —The report required by this section shall contain sections expressing the views and recommendations of— (1) interested Federal agencies, including— (A) the Office of the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation; (B) the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; (C) the Department of Defense; and (D) the Office of Space Commercialization; and (2) the public, received as a result of notice in Commerce Business Daily, the Federal Register, and appropriate Federal agency Internet websites. SEC. 8. AUTHORIZATION OF INTERAGENCY SUPPORT FOR GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM. The use of interagency funding and other forms of support is hereby authorized by Congress for the functions and activities of the Interagency Global Positioning System Executive Board, Report. Repoii;. Commerce Business Daily, publication. Federal Register, publication. 10 USC 2281 note.