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114 STAT. 1844 PUBLIC LAW 106-419—NOV. 1, 2000 1983 (Public Law 98-160). Such follow-up study shall use the data base and sample of the previous study. (c) INFORMATION TO BE INCLUDED.— The study conducted pursuant to this section shall be designed to yield information on— (1) the long-term course of post-traumatic stress disorder; (2) any long-term medical consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder; (3) whether particular subgroups of veterans are at greater risk of chronic or more severe problems with such disorder; and (4) the services used by veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder and the effect of those services on the course of the disorder. (d) REPORT.— The Secretary shall submit to the Committees on Veterans' Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives a report on the results of the study under this section. The report shall be submitted no later than October 1, 2004. Subtitle C—Medical Administration SEC. 221. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS FISHER HOUSES. (a) AUTHORITY.— Subchapter I of chapter 17 is amended by adding at the end the following new section: 38 USC 1708. "§1708. Temporary lodging "(a) The Secretary may furnish persons described in subsection (b) with temporary lodging in a Fisher house or other appropriate facility in connection with the examination, treatment, or care of a veteran under this chapter or, as provided for under subsection (e)(5), in connection with benefits administered under this title. "(b) Persons to whom the Secretary may provide lodging under subsection (a) are the following: "(1) A veteran who must travel a significant distance to receive care or services under this title. "(2) A member of the family of a veteran and others who accompany a veteran and provide the equivalent of familial support for such veteran. "(c) In this section, the term 'Fisher house' means a housing facility that— "(1) is located at, or in proximity to, a Department medical facility; "(2) is available for residential use on a temporary basis by patients of that facility and others described in subsection (b)(2); and "(3) is constructed by, and donated to the Secretary by, the Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Armed Services Foundation. " (d) The Secretary may establish charges for providing lodging under this section. The proceeds from such charges shall be credited to the medical care account and shall be available until expended for the purposes of providing such lodging. "(e) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations to carry out this section. Such regulations shall include provisions— "(1) limiting the duration of lodging provided under this section;