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114 STAT. 1968 PUBLIC LAW 106-457—NOV. 7, 2000 "(3) CHESAPEAKE BAY ECOSYSTEM. —The term 'Chesapeake Bay ecosystem' means the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. "(4) CHESAPEAKE BAY PROGRAM.— The term 'Chesapeake Bay Program' means the program directed by the Chesapeake Executive Council in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. "(5) CHESAPEAKE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL.— The term 'Chesapeake Executive Council' means the signatories to the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. "(6) SIGNATORY JURISDICTION. — The term 'signatory jurisdiction' means a jurisdiction of a signatory to the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. " (b) CONTINUATION OF CHESAPEAKE BAY PROGRAM.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— In cooperation with the Chesapeake Executive Council (and as a member of the Council), the Administrator shall continue the Chesapeake Bay Program. "(2) PROGRAM OFFICE. — Government "(A) IN GENERAL.—The Administrator shall maintain organization. in the Environmental Protection Agency a Chesapeake Bay Program Office. "(B) FUNCTION. —The Chesapeake Bay Program Office shall provide support to the Chesapeake Executive Council by- "(i) implementing and coordinating science, research, modeling, support services, monitoring, data collection, and other activities that support the Chesapeake Bay Program; "(ii) developing and making available, through publications, technical assistance, and other appropriate means, information pertaining to the environmental quality and living resources of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem; "(iii) in cooperation with appropriate Federal, State, and local authorities, assisting the signatories to the Chesapeake Bay Agreement in developing and implementing specific action plans to carry out the responsibilities of the signatories to the Chesapeake Bay Agreement; "(iv) coordinating the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency with the actions of the appropriate officials of other Federal agencies and State and local authorities in developing strategies to— "(I) improve the water quality and living resources in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem; and "(II) obtain the support of the appropriate officials of the agencies and authorities in achieving the objectives of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement; and "(v) implementing outreach programs for public information, education, and participation to foster stewardship of the resources of the Chesapeake Bay. "(c) INTERAGENCY AGREEMENTS. — The Administrator may enter into an interagency agreement with a Federal agency to carry out this section. " (d) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND ASSISTANCE GRANTS.—