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PUBLIC LAW 106-506—NOV. 13, 2000 114 STAT. 2353 SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS. In this Act: (1) ENVIRONMENTAL THRESHOLD CARRYING CAPACITY. —The term "environmental threshold carrying capacity has the meaning given the term in article II of the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact set forth in the first section of Public Law 96-551 (94 Stat. 3235). (2) FIRE RISK REDUCTION ACTIVITY. — (A) IN GENERAL. — The term "fire risk reduction activity" means an activity that is necessary to reduce the risk of wildfire to promote forest management and simultaneously achieve and maintain the environmental threshold carrying capacities established by the Planning Agency in a manner consistent, where applicable, with chapter 71 of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Code of Ordinances. (B) INCLUDED ACTIVITIES.— The term "fire risk reduction activity" includes— (i) prescribed burning; (ii) mechanical treatment; (iii) road obliteration or reconstruction; and (iv) such other activities consistent with Forest Service practices as the Secretary determines to be appropriate. (3) PLANNING AGENCY.— The term "Planning Agency" means the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency established under Public Law 91-148 (83 Stat. 360) and Public Law 96-551 (94 Stat. 3233). (4) PRIORITY LIST.—The term "priority list" means the environmental restoration priority list developed under section 6. (5) SECRETARY. — The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Agriculture, acting through the Chief of the Forest Service. SEC. 4. ADMINISTRATION OF THE LAKE TAHOE BASIN MANAGEMENT UNIT. (a) IN GENERAL. —The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit shall be administered by the Secretary in accordance with this Act and the laws applicable to the National Forest System. (b) RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER AUTHORITY.— (1) PRIVATE OR NON-FEDERAL LAND. —Nothing in this Act grants regulatory authority to the Secretary over private or other non-Federal land. (2) PLANNING AGENCY. — Nothing in this Act affects or increases the authority of the Planning Agency. (3) ACQUISITION UNDER OTHER LAW. —Nothing in this Act affects the authority of the Secretary to acquire land from willing sellers in the Lake Tahoe basin under any other law. SEC. 5. CONSULTATION WITH PLANNING AGENCY AND OTHER ENTI- TIES. (a) IN GENERAL. —With respect to the duties described in subsection (b), the Secretary shall consult with and seek the advice and recommendations of— (1) the Planning Agency;