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PUBLIC LAW 106-553 —APPENDIX B 114 STAT. 2762A-79 SEC. 207. The Secretary of Commerce may award contracts for hydrographic, geodetic, and photogrammetric surveying and mapping services in accordance with title IX of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C. 541 et seq.). SEC. 208. The Secretary of Commerce may use the Commerce franchise fund for expenses and equipment necessary for the maintenance and operation of such administrative services as the Secretary determines may be performed more advantageously as central services, pursuant to section 403 of Public Law 103-356: Provided, That any inventories, equipment, and other assets pertaining to the services to be provided by such fund, either on hand or on order, less the related liabilities or unpaid obligations, and any appropriations made for the purpose of providing capital shall be used to capitalize such fund: Provided further. That such fund shall be paid in advance from funds available to the Department and other Federal agencies for which such centralized services are performed, at rates which will return in full all expenses of operation, including accrued leave, depreciation of fund plant and equipment, amortization of automated data processing (ADP) software and systems (either acquired or donated), and an amount necessary to maintain a reasonable operating reserve, as determined by the Secretary: Provided further. That such fund shall provide services on a competitive basis: Provided further, That an amount not to exceed 4 percent of the total annual income to such fund may be retained in the fund for fiscal year 2001 and each fiscal year thereafter, to remain available until expended, to be used for the acquisition of capital equipment, and for the improvement and implementation of department financial management, ADP, and other support systems: Provided further. That such amounts retained in the fund for fiscal year 2001 and each fiscal year thereafter shall be available for obligation and expenditure only in accordance with section 605 of this Act: Provided further. That no later than 30 days after the end of each fiscal year, amounts in excess of this reserve limitation shall be deposited as miscellaneous receipts in the Treasury: Provided further, That such franchise fund pilot program shall terminate pursuant to section 403(f) of Public Law 103-356. SEC. 209. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, of the amounts made available elsewhere in this title to the "National Institute of Standards and Technology, Construction of Research Facilities", $4,000,000 is appropriated to the Institute at Saint Anselm College, $4,000,000 is appropriated to fund a cooperative agreement with the Medical University of South Carolina, $3,000,000 is appropriated to the Thayer School of Engineering for the biocommodity and biomass research initiative, and $3,000,000 is appropriated to establish the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection at the Institute for Security Technology Studies. In addition, of the amounts for "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Procurement, Acquisition, and Construction", $5,000,000 shall be for a grant for Eastern Kentucky Pride, Inc., for design and construction of facilities for water protection and related environmental infrastructure. SEC. 210. (a) The Secretary of Commerce shall establish and administer through the National Ocean Service the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program. Under the program, the Secretary shall award graduate education scholarships in marine biology.