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PUBLIC LAW 106-554—APPENDIX B 114 STAT. 2763A-105 (4) The Capitol Police shall reimburse from available appropriations any costs incurred by the General Accounting Office under this section. (b) The Chief Administrative Officer shall have the following areas of responsibility: (1) BUDGETING. —The Chief Administrative Officer shall— (A) after consulting with the Chief of Police on the portion of the budget covering uniformed police force personnel, prepare and submit to the Capitol Police Board an annual budget for the Capitol Police; and (B) execute the budget and monitor through periodic examinations the execution of the Capitol Police budget in relation to actual obligations and expenditures. (2) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. —The Chief Administrative Officer shall— (A) oversee all financial management activities relating to the programs and operations of the Capitol Police; (B) develop and maintain an integrated accounting and financial system for the Capitol Police, including financial reporting and internal controls, which— (i) complies with applicable accounting principles, standards, and requirements, and internal control standards; (ii) complies with any other requirements applicable to such systems; (iii) provides for— (I) complete, reliable, consistent, and timely information which is prepared on a uniform basis and which is responsive to financial information needs of the Capitol Police; (II) the development and reporting of cost information; (III) the integration of accounting and budgeting information; and (IV) the systematic measurement of performance; (C) direct, manage, and provide policy guidance and oversight of Capitol Police financial management personnel, activities, and operations, including— (i) the recruitment, selection, and training of personnel to carry out Capitol Police financial management functions; and (ii) the implementation of Capitol Police asset management systems, including systems for cash management, debt collection, and propert3^ and inventory management and control; and (D) the Chief Administrative Officer shall prepare annual financial statements for the Capitol Police and provide for an annual audit of the financial statements by an independent public accountant in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. (3) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. —The Chief Administrative Officer shall— (A) direct, coordinate, and oversee the acquisition, use, and management of information technology by the Capitol Police;